A Compilation of 9/11 Predictive Programming Slideshows from Youtubers

by Webmaster

July 8, 2012 9:38pm

last updated on April, 24 2014 10:33 AM


Vladimir Putin has warned the whole world that he will release satellite images of the World Trade Center that were taken on September 11, 2001. Analysts who recognized this as a diplomatic move on Putin’s part feel these images will cause distrust within the American people and could lead to not only mass protests but an uprising. America assuming to be the only leader that can contain the trouble that terrorism holds will be undermined because the evidence including those photos taken by satellites orbiting outer space reveal one thing; The US Government’s complicity in attacks unto itself to manipulated public opinion to rattle the war drums and invade the Middle East for the purpose of serving corporate interests.

Why would Putin finally share share archived satellite feed of what occurred on September 11th? Is he justified?
I guess in this video it all speaks for itself?

In this BBC (British Broadcasting Video) if you look to the left there is an object that doesn’t look like the second commercial plane hitting the second tower.

These are some great examples of illustrations that users of the video hosting siteyoutubemade also the first video is an old cartoon of a dog pointing and yelling: “The towers they are falling.”

dog predicting the collapsing of the World Trade Center towers uploaded by thedia

Simpsons – City of New York Vs. Homer J. Simpson – #911 #Conspiracy #Before911 #NewYorkMag
uploaded by Nicholas Brandau


A 1984 X-men Comic issue that expressed a illustration and the idea of the Twin Towers being destroyed uploaded by studentdebt

Super Mario Bros the Movie has the Twin Towers crumbling into ashes uploaded by MartinezStevens

An 1991 released Spider Man comic shows one of the Twin Towers having a chunk of its ceiling exploding away uploaded by BIGREDFOOTBALL79

Great Video Slide Show is a compilation of 9/11 subliminal messages in movies uploaded by RockShowLive

This video has been deleted due to copyright infringement.

Update 4/4/2018 the video is deleted here’s an ultimate compilation by Youtuber Apocalypse

A Long Kiss Goodnight, a 1996 movie starring Samuel L. Jackson and Greena Davis. In one scene, as both main characters are captured their enemy details the plans of faking a terrorist threat in the United States that would involve killing three-thousand people. The Muslims would be the scapegoat and that would scare money out of Congress. Uploaded by Momade

9/11 Prediction in Microsoft Word uploaded by TROTTAz

Fight Club Ending released in 1999 uploaded by comicszoneuniverse

If readers want to find more examples of 9/11 predictive programming in movies view movies filmed by Twentieth Century Fox Film Corporation.

Also here’s another article that questions Osama Bin Laden’s death please go to the link and read it



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