Alternative News Channels

Here is a comprehensive list of different alternative news services from independent investigators and journalists.  Many of them have the most information because they are special in the topic they research.

Updated 8/30/2016





American Free Press, the online version of a long running independent newspaper.

Al Jazeera news.

Jeff Rense, the founder of his site has a bunch of articles linked from random sources yet is valuable for researchers who want to explore miscellaneous topics.

Russia Times is an english based news source broadcasting in Moscow and other cities around the world.

The World’s largest English Language Iranian news outlet.

World Net Daily their motto “a free press for a free people.”

Sorcha Faal’s news site. The journalist uses actual news stories to make a concise judgement in her articles.

Independent Media Center.

An alternative news site owned by Alex Emery Jones, he extensively documents and compiles various news articles that inform his readers on the growing police state in America and around the world. Paul Joseph Watson runs Propaganda Matrix and PrisonPlanet is Alex Jones’s other website reporting on the same theme.

Propaganda Matrix, another branch of the

Prison Planet, another version of the same two websites.

Headline News websites.

Headline News Website.

User-Reader Submitted News.

An excellent American based independent news magazine and service.

News about natural medicines.

World News Network.

Collection of Articles from the Independent, a British news company.

An online version of the long running magazine featuring different current events in each months issue.

A political newsletter from the information compiled by independent investigative journalists from the United States

This news website seems to mostly report on peak oil compared to others.

News site for the Salon Media Group.

Drudge Report’s main page has links to various alternative and mainstream news outlets.

Index Archive for Articles by the Drudge Report.

Long Running Village Voice weekly newspaper.

News Blaze.

Coast to Coast AM with George Noory

Christian Broadcast Network News.

News about the military life.

News from National Public Radio.

News and Commetary speaking against Warfare.

Website of the magazine with news, investigations, and commentaries.

Multicultural news feed founded by Pacific News Service.

A News Issues & International Publication.

A daily independent global news hour by Amy Goodman & Juan Gonzalez

Publishes articles about solutions to poverty and homelessness.


Smoking Gun, The Providing documents obtained from government, law enforcement sources, and court files about the bad newsmakers.

Star Magazine Entertainment news, celebrity features, gossip, and fashion.

Right Side News Online newspaper publishes information about threats against Western civilization, homeland security, global terrorism, culture wars, editorials, and more.

Paranormal Related News.



Video-based News Feeds from independent youtube based services.

News X Live.

News that collects stories of Police Misconduct.

Geo News, A citizen journalist news company from Pakistan.

The Sun Newspaper.

News broadcasted from Inner Cities around the United States.

News that is broadcasted from the European Union.

Tru News, a Shortwave radio based news feed.

A News Site that is dedicated to using current stories while teaching its viewers to understand the Spanish language.

ITN news from London reporting on events around the United Kingdom and the world.

The Real News Network.

NDTV, a news broadcasting company from India.

A Middle Eastern station that reports extensively on the Syrian Rebellion against Assad.

Newt News Network.

New Tang Dynasty (NTD) Television Uncensored news from China.

Jewish News One.

Stories and Current events from the Aboriginal-Indigenous or Native American communities of the United States.


Discovery News



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