America’s Hidden War on Self-Sufficiency

by the Webmaster

June 11, 2012 3:43 pm

The United States has always presented itself to be a land of opportunity. It is valued to be a place where people could start their own businesses or fulfill the successive dreams of others through legitimate employment. The question is does the United States care about the well being of its citizens or are they more concerned with the money they obtain through consistent taxation? Food is to be considered a commodity that is a lot more valuable than currency because unless backed by a precious commodity; paper money is worthless. Food is a powerful hard currency since all living organisms need nutrients for their bodies. Persons or families who are able to grow their own edible plants could not only save money but even produce income from the direct sales of their crops. It seems that by there is a continuing concern over job scarcity in America and if a government restricts anyone’s ability to survive with little or no money then Americans truly are a troubled country.

Recently, lawmakers have been concerned about small family farms and  backyard gardens. Laws supposedly passed to increase the safety of food distribution affect people who own a small farm or garden. The video bears a reality of what is to come in the future.

A woman in Michigan faced criminal charges for growing a garden in her own front yard. The State considered it inappropriate for a home owner to have a garden in her front yard but there was no mention of her growing food for distribution.

Though the H.R. 875 Food Safety Monitorization Act was mentioned on the first video as the main justification for the limitation of farming; it isn’t the first time a garden has received full suppression. A community located in South Central Los Angeles created a urban oasis in the middle of their neighborhood. The land which gave birth to what is known as the South Central Farms was originally an empty lot littered with trash. Two years after the riots of April 29, 1992, the FoodBank  received ownership of the unused area and decided to build a community garden. Families who met the federal qualifications to receive welfare were only permitted to grow produce for their families. Not only was food grown but many plants used for medicinal purposes were planted since many of the people did not have any health care.

The site where the community farm rests became valuable real estate for commercial and industrial development since the Alameda Corridor, a rail-cargo expressway links the Ports of Los Angeles and Long Beach to the inland transcontinental rail network that runs alongside the South Central Farms. The land was sold to Ralph Horowitz, one of the former property owners who once had a previous deal with the city regarding the land’s ownership. I guess it is more profitable for governments to collect taxes than preserve the health of their people.

Please watch the documentary- South Central Farm – Oasis in a Concrete Desert:

Amish Farms are being shut down for selling fresh raw milk because it has not been pasteurized, a process of heating milk to kill any pathogens.

A business owner who’s products consists of edible plants foraged in the wild along with meats people hunt have received scrutinity. One of his venues was shut down by the Department of Public Health due to the alleged dangers of collecting food plants in the wild. Although the owner has no received permits, certification, and prepares meals in commercial kitches it makes you wonder what’s next since wild foods, hunting. and fishing will be the only methods of satiating cravings in the upcoming staged food shortage.

Like oil, freshwater is a resource that humans, plants, and animals thrive and without it, life on earth will ceased to exist. Still, that doesn’t stop government to have power over an item that they have never created. It is illegal to collect rainwater in many placed in the United States and despite the fact that rain drops are falling on your own property you do not own the rights to let it pour in a tank or barrel.

Farmers in northeastern Colorado are facing severe water shortages aren’t able to use to draw in groundwater. In 2006, the Colorade Supreme Court ordered the shut down of 440 wells and curtailed the pumping of another 1,000 more wells.

It is a sad world when many farmers are in danger of losing their livelihoods just because they are restricted from using the water beneath their feet. If you read the article I provided above regarding people facing criminal charges for acquiring rainwater; the news story mentions Colorado as being one of the states where rainwater collection is off limits. Readers need to remember these methods of self sufficiency are illegal because the government cannot uphold any taxes.


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