Assassination Methods Revealed

by Webmaster

May 12, 2014 4:02 pm

Accurate forensic have assisted in the solving of many murder cases. This breakthrough in using technology to break down all clues has led to the capture of elusive criminals.  But is there ways to eliminate a target without leaving any traces of DNA behind? The answer is yes! and has been done many times not so much by serial killers but the very same people who swears  to protect its people; government officials and their agencies. The subject that special service agents killed did not pose a threat to the United States and its people rather they were people just knew too much. These individuals were journalists who were gathering information to report on a controversial story or scientists employed by the government.

Timothy Hood, a former U.S. government adviser has raised awareness by spreading knowledge on UFO (Unidentified Flying Objects) researchers being murdered. Famous  American astronomer Morris K. Jessup, who also wrote bestselling books that regarded the existence of intelligent outside of Earth died while being parked inside a locked car that had its exhaust pipe opened with the ignition running. Professor James Edward McDonald, a former head of the Institute of Atmospheric Physics of the Earth has been found with a bullet lodge in his head– he has studied unidentified aerospace objects for years. Edward Ruppelt, a man who ran a project that is dedicated to the research of Unidentified Objects (UFOs) died when his cardiovascular system failed when at the age of 37. William Milton Cooper received a complaint that he was threatening them and that led to a police call resulting in his death when after encircling Cooper’s ranch. An officer opened on him after he shot and wounded his partner killing Cooper.

Author’s note~ William Milton Cooper worked as a Naval Intelligence Officer and wrote Behold a Pale Horse. He was revealing information about what he read and experienced during his service in the Navy. Government agents threatened Mr. Cooper and his family and he even lost one of his legs for exposing this information.

Many British specialists who worked on developing space weapons suffered deaths in the most out-of-place ways. In October of 1986, Professor Arshad Sharif died when he made a loop using one end of rope to wrap his head around after tying the other end to a tree and drove his car. London professor, Vimal Dazibay, a man who also participated in the development of these electronic weapons fell from the Bristol Bridge a few days after Sharif’s death. From January to May of the year 1987, at least 25 scientists died in even the most unusual ways. Peter Pippel was run over by his car in his garage. Avtar Singh-Guide turned up missing and was later found dead. David Sands crashed his car into a building and Michael Baker was also killed in a car accident.  In April of 1987, four developers of space programs perished- Mark Wiesner hung himself, Stuart Gooding fallen victim of murder, David Greenhalgh fell off the bridge, and Shani Warren drowned. Hood assessed that these scientists were eliminated because of their knowledge of UFOs and their cooperation with building space based weapons. The men were a part of the secret UFO research programs such as the “Blue Book”. “Aquarious”, “Area 51”, “Majestic 12”, and GEIPAN.

Many UFO researchers die under mysterious circumstances 12.10.2012

Timothy Hood has a good reason to suspect that they were murdered because the men were in positions to where their deaths could appear as if they are accidental. All of these techniques are derived from the 1975 CIA (Central Intelligence Agency) Assassination handbook. The manual explains the pros and cons of using various deadly objects. The strategy of using firearms requires that one could kill its target instantly with one shot and being able to avoid getting arrested with illegal possession of the weapon. The reason could have to do with using special bullets or ammunition that shatters when hitting harder objects. Usually assassinations that involves drugs and overdoses of medicines are usually rare and to get away with the murder of the target one has to know their harmful habits mainly alcohol and drug usage. Assassinations using conventional weapons are not always reliable and it noted that accidents are the best technique.


Tiny weapons that can shoot off deadly projectiles are a specialty when using firearms for remove targets. The documentary Secrets of the CIA has described a pistol that spews a dart containing poison that causes heart attacks. The poison is undetectable and its been hardened just so after it penetrates the victim’s body it melts thus fatally affecting their respiratory system.

Secrets of the CIA

Full Documentary

Secrets of the CIA (1998) – Ralph McGehee, Phil Agee, and other former CIA officers/agents

There are times where blatant murders were only ruled as suicides despite the victim receiving threats on their life. Danny Casolaro is a freelance writer who died of his wrists being slashed in a hotel room in Martinsburg, West Virginia was working on an article about the Justice Department’s theft of software used to track criminal cases worldwide. Casolaro’s brother noted on the death threats Danny received prior to his assassination and has stated that the contents of the note found by his body was insufficient to rule the death as a suicide. There were no signs indicating forced entry or any kind of a struggle.

Reporter Is Buried Amid Questions Over His Pursuit of Conspiracy Idea By NEIL A. LEWIS, Published: August 17, 1991

Hotels are not the safest place to stay because the locks can easily be picked by an intruder. That is why there is no evidence of forced entry or any struggle between Casolaro and his killer. The ease of picking Onity’s electronic locks has been announced at the 2012 Black Hat security conference by Cody Brocious, a security researcher and Mozilla software developer. The device he built device that spoofs the portable programming system that hotel staff use to control facility locks. The portable programmer plugs into the DC (direct current) power port under the locks can open any door even providing power to a battery-drained lock. The $50 dollar device that Brocius made spoofs the portable programming system that hotel staff use. The spoofing device accesses the electronic cyptographic information triggers its “open” mechanism as the data is stored in the lock’s memory. Brocious discovered the vulnerability of Onity’s locking systems when he was hired to reverse engineer hotel locks. Brocious didn’t notify Onity’s parent company United Technologies Corporation because he said that there is little that the company can do. The locks cannot be upgraded with new firmware; only new circuits need to be installed in every affected lock to fix the problem. Brocius also said that the best way to help hotels is to educate them about how an intruder can actually open electronic locks without keys.

Hacker Will Expose Potential Security Flaw In Four Million Hotel Room Keycard Locks Andy Greenberg  7/23/2012 @ 12:17PM

Onity fixed the security bug by offering customers new obscure Torx screws to replace those on the cases of installed locks and issued caps that cover the data port where Brocious tool is inserted to surreptitiously unlock the door. Onity is requiring some of its customers to pay a fee, while offering others “special pricing programs” to cover the cost of new circuit boards and firmware. Onity’s locks must be completely redesigned so they are more secure than their current versions.

Security Flaw In Common Keycard Locks Exploited In String Of Hotel Room Break-Ins by Andy Greenberg 11/26/2012 @ 10:59AM

That isn’t the only problem; many hotel television infrared systems can be hacked to obtain guests’ names and their room numbers from the billing system. A person who demonstrated this security flaw used an infrared transmitter, a USB TV tuner, and a laptop running Linux. These hacker attacks can also be done using the infrared port built into many laptops.  Many electronic remote control systems including Garage Door Openers and Car Door locks use infrared signals and programming techniques will decipher the code(s) thereby granting anyone unauthorized access. The TV systems of Hotels share the most serious vulnerabilities because they are connected to databases containing information about patrons. Adam Laurie, the man who discovered this electronic backdoor even made an automated software program that will quickly scan all possible channels in the system. A Hotel guest who purchased premium content or TV internet access has a channel assigned to them which delivers service and their personal information is logged onto the system. The guest’s email and websites they are looking at can be viewed by the hacker. This is perfect for a private investigator or paparazzi whose is stalking a celebrity.

Hacking Las Vegas
Wired | Submitted by: Jonny Plasma
“A vulnerability in many hotel television infrared systems can allow a hacker to obtain guests’ names and their room numbers from the billing system. It can also let someone read the e-mail

In the days of advancing technology an intruder no longer needs lockpicking equipment if they were to enter their target’s home. Using special methods and equipment they can duplicate the house keys to any home. In October 2008, UC San Diego computer scientists have applied the use of digital imaging and optics to be able to make an exact copy of one’s house key from a photo taken 200 feet away. The incisions of individual house and office keys represent a numeric code that completely describes how to open a lock. A door cannot be open if the key doesn’t encode the precise “bitting code.” The team took photos of common residential house keys with a cell phone camera, fed the image into their software which then produced the information needed to create identical copies. In another demonstration, they used a five inch telephoto lens to capture images from the roof of a campus building and duplicate keys sitting on a cafe table 200 feet away.

The key’s blade has a series of 5 or 6 cuts that are spaced out at regular intervals. The computer scientists created Sneakey, a software program that can process the photo of keys from nearly any angle and measure the depth of each cut. It adjusts to a wide range of different angles and distances between the camera and the key being captured. That feature requires the classic computer vision technique to compare and contrast the object’s orientation and size in three dimensions. The program indicates the exact measurements in particular the height of each of the key cuts and that information can be computed and likewise the biting code can be extracted. It is able to discern the key’s normal size and position while the pixels of the optical system corresponded to the set distance. Basic knowledge of the Matlab and computer vision techniques is needed to build a similar key duplicating system.

The UC San Diego’s Jacobs School of Engineering

Keys Can be Copied From Afar, Jacobs School Computer Scientists Show

Sneakey UCSD Jacobs School of Engineering (Original Press Release)

There are some people who have mysteriously died from car accidents. The idea of tampering with the electronic system of an automobile was never brought to attention until the case of famous journalist Michael Hasting. Hasting warned his colleagues in an email that he was being investigated by the FBI. The Government became interested in Hasting over his interest regarding surveillance of journalists. He must have raised eyebrows in Washington after his Rolling Stone magazine article “The Runaway General,” a story that ended the career of Gen. Stanley A. McChrystal, commander of the Afghanistan war. The day before he died Hastings was onto a big story and had to keep a low profile. People believed that he was murdered by the CIA, or the NSA, or the Pentagon. The Los Angeles Police Department ruled his death as a suicide. Michael believed his car was tampered with which is why he asked to burrow his neighbor’s car.

Michael Hastings’ Dangerous Mind: Journalistic Star Was Loved, Feared and Haunted  by Gene Maddaus Thursday, Aug 22 2013

Hasting has a good reason to be suspicious that his car was toyed with because three years prior to his death, scientists financed by the National Science Foundation were working on a report regarding the vulnerability of a car’s onboard computer system. These scientists tested two versions of a car late-model car inside their laboratory and in field settings. The researchers were able to hack and activate dozens of functions while the car was in motion including disabling the brakes, selectively braking individual wheels on demand, stopping the engine, and so on. They were also able to upload malicious software and then erase any evidence of tampering after a crash. These onboard computer networks were built-in to permit communications between passengers and emergency personnel in the event of a crash and can allow authorized OnStar personnel to remotely unlock cars and stop them just to recover stolen vehicles.

Cars’ Computer Systems Called at Risk to Hackers By JOHN MARKOFF Published: May 14, 2010

Late model vehicles are required by law to have a diagnostics port where mechanics can download information about the car’s diagnostics and insert new software updates. These new cars contain bluetooth technology and cell phone networks where a hacker can penetrate the telematics units normally used for roadside assistance. Even the stereo system can be used by hackers when placing a CD inside the vehicle cd player. Dr. Kathleen Fisher did not detail how it could completely take control of the whole automobile but I am thinking that the disc containing an electronic version of a song also has malicious software loaded onto it as well.

Car Hacking Assassins

In August of 2007 Bob Sullivan, Columnist of NBC News noted in his article Researchers say they’ve hacked car door locks about how the encryption of remote keyless entry systems can be cracked. Computer security researchers in Israel and Belgium have discovered that by listening to the wireless feedback between a car and its key would allow it to mimic the electronic signal and trick the car into unlocking itself. The majority of cars with remote keyless entry use the encryption system, Keeloq, first developed during the 1980s and its product rights purchased by Microchip Technology in the 1990s. Keeloq works by scrambling the feedback of messages making them hard to intercept unless someone or something has the right deciphering key that can unscramble the message. It reads multiple transmissions from the electronic key when intercepted and analyzes them and the user can distinguish the 18 billion potential signals that the door locking and find the right frequency that acted as a master key for all cars. The Cryptography still being used existed since the 1980s and they were worried about why Microchip Technology didn’t address this security hole after the researchers released their report called “How to Steal Cars.”

Researchers say they’ve hacked car door locks

That software Keeloq is over 20 years old so that technique of breaking into a car could enable an assassin to plant that malicious software required to remotely control a car. This is why Hasting and his friends have a right to hold government officials responsible for his death. Surveillance cameras on city streets and public building would not be able to record the assassination after discovering that laser light can leak into the gap of a camera’s optical fibers. There are cameras that have an unusual property of silica optical fibers where their refractive index, the measure of how fast light enters through the silica, changes with the brightness of the light. The laser used injects an additional pulse of light and its increased brightness slows the camera’s light down. The bright light of a laser is not as fast as the dimmer light that is ready to increase its illumination so it can create a flash within the lens system thus entirely confusing it to where an event that’s in the middle of recording doesn’t appear.

Author’s note; Lens flare is where the fragments of light rays seeped into the optical fibers and often will slightly blurt the image. The rays from the sunlight can produce this effect and sometimes the light is still beaming into the optical fibers. The laser needed to be create this time gap must have formed a less severe type of lens flare since it is a smaller stream of light and it may be another form of an infrared or invisible light. The illusion only works in complete dark and requires a greater distance if one was to completely distort the light signal for a longer duration. The aperture or device that controls the amount of light admitted through an opening at the corner of a lens is overloaded to where the whole picture is completely blacked or whited out for less than a second. Technology like this may have helped some assassins avoided detection from video cameras when either shooting or stabbing their targets.

How to Cloak a Crime in a Beam of Light Kat Hannaford 11/16/10 6:00am

Jim Keith, a writer who authored popular books on conspiratorial topics died in the Washoe Medical hospital when a blood clot released and entered his lung. He had to get knee surgery after falling from stage and breaking his knee at the Burning man arts festival. Keith’s death was ruled as an accident but he himself suspected it was foul play. In his book Mass Engineering Human Consciousness he was concerned about a hospital patient with the same name as a government employee he interviewed. Almost a decade after his death, there are a few articles and reports revealing that medical devices can be hacked.

Implantable medical devices including pacemakers and cardioverter defibrillators have wireless capabilities added to them. Medtronics, a manufacturer of medical devices have this unique security flaw and using encryption when updating its designs was never considered. A man dubbed Barnaby Jack found out that software controlled insulin pump can be controlled at 300 feet. He hacked Medtronic’s insulin pumps with his personally designed software encryption Jack was able to get a hold of the device’s serial numbers. Jack’s software overrides the signal that prevents the pump from receiving wireless commands to increase dosages; Baranby’s software shuts down the warning the signal being a vibration or loud tone is emitted when shooting a dosage. The victim who received an overdose of insulin is unaware of knowing that they are receiving more than they should. All it took him was a software he programmed and a special antenna he designed by Jack that located and seized control of any device within 300 feet. The total amount of all available pumps that can be attacked is unknown according to a Medtronic Spokeswoman and she is clueless to the date they were manufactured. Barnaby is aware that 2006 is the year they were made and distributed across the medical industry.

Insulin pump hack delivers fatal dosage over the air Sugar Blues, James Bond style By Dan Goodin, 27 Oct 2011

These newer medical implants use wireless technology and they were designed using radio technology for decades. Doctors use radio waves to test them during office visits and makers of the device have designed them to connect to the Internet for allowing doctors to monitor patients from remote locations.  The heart defibrillator and pacemaker can have intruders reprogram it to shut down and deliver jolts of electricity that would potentially be fatal. Mr. Kohno and Kevin Fu, researchers of the University of Massachusetts made reports of the possibility of unauthorized interference of medical devices. Heart defibrillators shock hearts that are beating chaotically and dangerously back into normal rhythms.

The two men offered ideas for enhancing security including methods for warning a patient of tampering or requiring that authenticated, using energy harvested from incoming signals. Dr. William H. Maisel, a cardiologist who is director of the Medical Device Safety Institute at the Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center in Boston shared the information he learned with the FDA (Food and Drug Administration). Medtronic, the industry leader in cardiac regulating implants is the only device whose defibrillators or pacemakers can be easily hacked. More than $30,000 worth of lab equipment was used by a team of specialists from the University of Washington and the University of Massachusetts to tap and manipulate the implant’s signals.  There are two makers of defibrillators that use the appropriate techniques to secure their devices. Boston Scientific incorporates encryption and security technologies designed to stop any hacking. St. Jude Medical also uses “proprietary techniques” to protect any electronic infiltration. Medtronic on the other hand wasn’t informed about the vulnerabilites of their medical devices.

A Heart Device Is Found Vulnerable to Hacker Attacks By BARNABY J. FEDER Published: March 12, 2008

Concerns about the safety liability of medical equipment came to the public’s attention in 1982 when seven people were killed by cyanide-laced Tylenol in Chicago. The most obvious evidence regarding how software rigged medical implements is their vulnerability to having its digital code malfunction or experienced any error that can alter the device’s inputs and outputs. For instance, a machine can overdose when dosing a patient with their prescribed medicine. Diagnosis, the process of analyzing what caused the injury and how any organism produce diseases takes place during the use of medical equipment that operates with software. The FDA who established a Center of Devices and Radiological Health to test and implement the safety risks of these devices and systems had a process involving pre-market approval where as long as it has substantial equivalence to devices already approved without being testing– the safety guides were never considered. They never precisely narrow down the right diagnostic requirements that can detect any glitch that leads to life threatening errors when machines are in use.

Automated software updates have even contributed to fatal situations and computer viruses have infected medical-related computers and devices. Computers linked to internet networks are susceptible to catching viruses and having other malicious software sent to its systems by random cyber entities. A laptop with an high-gain antennas and relatively simple software  can  penetrate wireless links that are unprotected thus enabling a suspect to use a remote control device to upload malaware and upgrade internal software and firmware. The radio frequency that triggers the insulin pump or defibrillator can be tapped into and use to cause a cardiac related disaster. There is no single government agency that is being held responsible by Congress to evaluate the security of medical devices. These include the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS), Food and Drug Administration (FDA), Department of Health and Human Services (HHS), Department of Defense (DoD), Department of Veterans Affairs (VA), and the Department of Homeland Security (DHS). There is only one forensic specialist in the world that is conversant with medical device criminal acts and he belongs to Interpol or the International Criminal Police Organization, a group that facilitates international police cooperation.

What’s To Stop Hackers From Infecting Medical Devices? Marc Weber Tobias  4/20/2012 @ 12:08PM

Kevin Fu, the University of Massachusetts assistant professor that released the report exposing how wifi signals can control medical equipment partnered with associate professor in MIT’s Department of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science, Dina Katabi to work on a device that stops outside radio interference. Medical devices have their own radio frequencies and within that frequency band different signals can be sent and received.That isn’t possible with ordinary wireless technology hence a transmitter that sends and receives signals at the same time is present that can override an wireless signal from an unknown source.  Signal processing allows the implantable medical devices to recognize the signal of the transmitter that is blocking outside wireless interference while being able to receive the signal that activates its functions.

Protecting medical implants from attack  A new system would jam wireless signals sent to medical implants by unauthorized users.  Larry Hardesty, MIT News Office June 13, 2011

A would-be assassin can be thwarted using ultrasound to determine the exact distance between a medical device and the wireless reader attempting to communicate with it. These intruding radio signals can access a patient’s personal information, drain the device’s batteries remotely, and can be tweaked to malfunction in dangerous ways. Kevin Fu, the assistant professor of computer science and the University of Massachusetts and Tadayoshi Kohno, an assistant professor of computer science at the University of Washington shared this security flaw to the public. Since then, other researchers have been working on improving the safety of these medical implants. Claude Castelluccia, a senior research scientist at the French National Institute for Research in Computer Science and Control and his colleagues Swiss Federal Institute of Technology in Zurich came up with a system where only those physically close to an implant can access it. Castelluccia brought up how attackers can use strong radio transmitters that can reach the patient’s implant so his idea is to use ultrasound waves just to differentiate between the incoming signals of on and offsite transmitters.

Keeping Pacemakers Safe from Hackers Keeping Pacemakers Safe from Hackers

By Erica Naone on November 10, 2009

The FM-5-31 US Army Manual Boobytraps describes and illustrates rigging the interior furnishing of a building with explosive charges. The items that can have blasting caps concealed inside are: Tea Kettles, Electric Irons, Pressure Cookers, Radio and Television sets, Beds, Chairs and Sofas, and Books.  An assailant can use software that is similar to Sneakey software and fabricate an identical key that can open their target’s home. When the victim isn’t home that is when they can rig blasting caps to their electronic appliances and furniture thus leave no trace when they are done rendering the home with explosives.

FM 5-31 Department of the Army Field Manual Boobytraps by Headquarters, Department of the Army September 1965

To counter the likelihood of surreptitious entry one can use place burglar bars onto windows so an intruder cannot use it as a small entrance. Unfortunately in Tulsa, Oklahoma the Tibbs Law issued by State Representative Sue Tibbs makes it unlawful for any person to barricade an access point into any dwelling, structure, building or other place. The law carries a punishment of five years imprisonment or by a fine up to $10,000 or both.

Tibbs’ law makes it illegal to ‘fortify’ a private home

Russian president Vladimir Putin already approved instruments that if one points and shoots it at a person it could alter their behaviors. Electromagnetic waves if beamed at a person can affect brain cells which tweak the psychological state of a person and could even transmit suggestions and commands that would influence their thought processes. These weapons are dangerous because the functioning of the internal organs can be fatally disrupted through these microwave rays. A member of the GRU, a Russian foreign intelligence agency, died in Scotland after he informed MI6 about the development of these weapons. Sergei Serykh claimed that not only are these weapons are more powerful than in the Matrix films but justified these claims because he was a victim and him falling from a Glasgow tower with his wife and stepson in March 2010 made the family assumed that there was foul play.

Putin targets foes with ‘zombie’ gun which attack victims’ central nervous system    Could be used against Russia’s enemies and perhaps its own dissidents

By Christopher Leake and Will Stewart  Published: 18:08 EST, 31 March 2012 | Updated: 18:08 EST, 31 March 2012

We all heard some stories in our life about some man or woman who just knew too much for their own good. Whether it is either facts about a cover-up involving those in positions of power and authority or some scientist/inventor who has made a technological breakthrough that will challenge corporate dominance. Some have vanished only to turn up dead or the ones that are alive are living under a completely different identity. Another thing that is puzzling is how those murdered were aware that their assassin has or is present but they didn’t become too vigilant.  Michael Snowden knew his car was being tampered with and Jim Keith swore he heard the same name of a government employee he debated but those two never began exploring their own environment and surroundings.

Phillip Marshall, a former was writing his book,  The Big Bamboozle: 9/11 and the War on Terror and he felt the official story of Osama Bin Laden operating from his cave having the ability to defeat the entire US military on its own territory is preposterous. He added that FBI documents in his possession proved that a military stand down and flight training that the hijackers received 18 months before the attack is why 911 occurred. His book also accused the George W Bush administration of being in cahoots with the Saudi intelligence community in training those who hijacked the planes. Marshall knew the book might invoke people to have issues with him and tragically his children Alex and Macaila Marshall along with the family dog were also killed. A reader who commented on assumes it was a hit by the swat team because usually those involved in murder-suicides do not kill dogs. His wife Sean Marshall was in Turkey for a business trip at the time of the killings and had arranged the funeral for those three.

Phillip Marshall Wrote About a Conspiracy; Was He the Victim of One?  February 17, 2013 by Jack Blood

His Neighbor Jeff Woods who lives directly across the street from Marshall, said he did hear strange noises while working in his downstairs office. Other neighborhoods didn’t report hearing gunshots at a time of the murder that occurred between Thursday and Saturday. From the evidence that Sgt. Chris Hewitt, the Sheriff involved in investigating Phillip Marshall’s murder compiled, he ruled the deaths as a murder-suicide. The article has comments by other readers that would have someone suspect that he was assassinated. Readers questioned why Marshall’s computer was missing, why there were multiple doors opened and unlocked at night, and the Sheriff declares it a murder/suicide before the toxicology and gunshot residue tests.

Tragedy in Forest Meadows  Posted: Sunday, February 3, 2013 9:30 am | Updated: 8:30 am, Tue Feb 12, 2013.  By Joel Metzger

Author’s Comment: Phillip Marshall was going over a dispute with his ex-wife in regards to the custody of his children. Marshall attended his son’s football games and he was close with his daughter. In 2008, he received jail time for slapping his wife Sean Marshall’s sister but he didn’t get prosecuted. That information is why there are some who believe it is a government black operations hit because government officials often try to find out any past or present personal problems about their target. The facts they compile will enhance the credibility of suicide allegations and in this article Marshall died from the gun he showed to one of his friends two weeks prior to his death. Readers of the article have made some interesting comments when analyzing the case. One of them noted that a few days before his death he admitted to not having bullets in the gun he owned. Neighbors have heard strange noises but no gunshots. There were multiple unmarked black cars parked in the driveway to investigate the crime scene and remove certain evidence before test results. Marshall was also screened for mental illness during his pilot according to a reader who commented on the story. I am not sure if that person knew Marshall personally but that is common with assassins they will use the Police or Swat Team.

These suspicious suicides often tend to have bizarre features. The best example is Gary Webb’s death. Mr. Webb was an American investigative who published a series of articles for the San Jose Mercury News during 1996 and later released them in a book, Dark Alliance: The CIA, the Contras, and the Crack Cocaine Explosion Gary Webb Maxine Waters. In December of 2004, he was found dead with two bullets in the head and there are those who feel that Webb is assassinated because a suicide where one shoots themselves twice in the head is impossible. There are other signs that indicated that he was targeted. Gary received death threats and had his broken into by government agents at the time he was alive. He was working a new story about the CIA and drug trafficking with new information that must gained the attention of the CIA and the Elites.

Those who were allegedly involved in his killings somehow manipulated his whole personal environment to where it would point out that Gary had suicidal tendencies. He was blacklisted as a journalist and was distraught that he couldn’t get a job at a major newspaper. That allegation led to high mortgage payments in addition to his motorcycle being stolen. He passed ownership of his bank account to his ex-wife Susan Bell which can easily make one assume that she could help him with catching up on his mortgage. Webb even made arrangements for cremations earlier in 2004 and people who commit suicide usually do not make their own funeral arrangements ahead of time and Gary was even concerned about movers finding his bloody corpse. He allegedly posted a note on the outside door of his home just so employees of a “A Better Moving Company” can call 911 to ask for an ambulance. That moving company has been reported to be shady from reviews by old customers at that time.

Webb ‘Suicide’ Looking More Like Murder By Charlene Fassa 12-19-4

Wow! Now I am understand why there are those who are afraid of driving vehicles whom they cannot fix themselves and why there are many people who are afraid to go to hospitals to seek help. The integration of computer hardware and software into our everyday lives allows one to use remote controls that can easily enable an assassination. Medical devices and cars that run on software are much easier to tamper with and that may explain it is much safer to possess early model versions of vehicles and have bodyguards patrol the parking lots of hospitals. The manual on assassination attempts written by the CIA was made in 1975, a decade where digital technology wasn’t merged with medical instruments. The locking units of vehicles and buildings can already be picked without leaving signs of attempted picking as there is technology that copies the physical keys from a distance. There is off-the-shelf hardware can break the encryption of digital locks, a problem recently discovered at hotels and the costs of fixing this security hole is too high. They are currently working on technology that can alter the visual capture of security cameras in public places to where it would subtly reset the recording. That is why it is smart for someone to have their own personal camera and even a tracking device.

This is why when I was talking to people nearly 10 years ago about looking at different information to verify the claims of so-called conspiracy theories, they advised me and others to be extremely vigilant even if one has to physically fight those stalking them. They had tips of avoiding assassinations and some of them including being wary of doctor appointments, driving certain vehicles, attending hotels, and being aware of surrounding in your place of residents. Their tips include information derived from military manuals, books about spies & espionage, ninja assassins, and more. Those men who were killed had warning signs such as death threats and burglaries but there was no information about any police reports that Danny Casolaro, Phillip Hastings, Gary Webb, and others made before their deaths. That is why some of them cannot trust law enforcement since they are a government agency and I warn the police around the world; once you began mixing politics into social problems you will receive a major backlash. It isn’t a threat it is just we live in a society where the key to economic success and power lies in exploiting submissive groups or classes of people. They know their target of choice is outnumbered, outgunned, and completely socially isolated. It may not be in legal jurisdiction to physically defend themselves against an assassin who is using a Swat Team, but it is their human right to defend themselves against any attempt on their life.



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