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False Flag: a Short History of United States Government Sponsored Terrorism and Espionage by Lee Gregory

Outlined are short summaries of chapters I have for my future readers. These are considered written previews for my book False Flag: The History of United States Sponsored Terrorism and Espionage.  The purpose of this book is to share information that is not acknowledged to my readers as to why America has been in war with other countries. As people go through the background introductions they will comprehend each chapter in the book. These three sections are suppose to help my readers make a direct connection between economic disaster and America’s likelihood of declaring war against a country. I emphasize how the US Government knew their citizens would not support entering into battle in a foreign country. Carrying forms of terrorism against their own citizens and the civilians of allied nations instantly granted support. State sponsored terrorism has always been the only tool to generate military enlistment at the last minute.  My book is to shed light on this rarely acknowledge fact and people do not have to agree but they just need a heads up.

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Lee Gregory

Background Introduction 1: Early Examples of American imperialism

I evaluate historical situations of competition and partnership regarding America’s birth and emergence. I also emphasis how America was no different than the British when it comes to competing with other nations over natural resources. I use examples of post historical episodes regarding Americans deployment of their military overseas to protect their interests. The information that is carefully documented proves that before 1898, Americans would soon resort to imperialism and conquest.

Chapter 1- USS Maine Explosion

Our famous ship, the USS Liberty suffered an explosion from an unknown source. The Spanish was accused of launching a torpedo at the vessel. This is what sparked the historical event known as the Spanish American war of 1898. This very first chapter explores the possibility of how the ship could have exploded without Spaniard involvement. I explain how the event also set the stage for United States imperialism, and the reasons were motivated by strategic and economic interests of the United States. Once you read the information presented in the supplementary section “Early Examples of American Imperialism before 1898” it would be easy to understand why America deceived the public. The conjuration of a mythical foreign threat was the remedy to fill in the gaps in a situation that required massive recruitment of men to join America’s armed forces.

Chapter 2- Sinking of Lusitania

I give the reason behind the motives for exploitation of the Lusitania disaster. I use pieces of evidence to confirm that the German accusations of the United States transporting ammunition to the British was correct. I explain the hidden economic factors regarding the European nations and the U.S. role behind them during the war. The United States also feared a German expansion into the Americas. These facts alone motivated US entry into the first World War.  The German embassy placed an ad in the New York Times warning travellers from the United States to stress extreme caution. The Americans who were killed on board the Lusitania were unaware that bullets were smuggled onto a British passenger ship. Germany was retaliating by shooting every Merchant ship going to and from England stemming from the ongoing Mercantile battle in which the British started. Great Britain was intercepting ships arriving to and from Germany and as long as Americans are able to build and ship weapons to the British. America’s joining into the battle not only put Germany out of its emerging position but jump started its role as a new economic power.

Chapter 3- Pearl Harbor

The third chapter goes in depth about the events that precede Pearl Harbor Attack. According to the research done for this chapter, I analyzed the steps it took to lure Japan into attacking the United States. I included myriad facts pertaining to United States foreknowledge  and place an emphasis as to why Germany  was selected as the main target for United States military conflict. As my readers follow each sentence, they will understand the hidden role of United States involvement in World War II. One of the facts that coincide with the U.S. entry into the war is the Bretton Woods conference and how the attack by the Japanese allowed the United States dollar to become the international reserve currency.

Chapter 4- Operation Northwoods

I referenced the declassified document bearing the same name as the chapter for the basis for the information. I Operation Northwoods accompanied by the scanned copy of the document at the end of the summary. I explain how the operation was planned in response to the failed Bay of Pigs and Operation Moongoose missions. Afterwards, I elaborate on the geopolitical significance of the Island and why it concerns the national security of the United States.

Chapter 5- Gulf of Tonkin

What is the only solution to reform a communist country that hasn’t collapsed with the rest of their cohorts? Engage them in protracted warfare and that is what the United States has done during the Vietnam War. The information and sources supplied will help my readers indicate that the United States falsified reports of an attack by North Vietnamese patrol boats. I cited one declassified newsletter authored by members of the National Security Agency as a basis for my argument. Copies of declassified Signal Intelligence reports by the National Security Agency are also embodied to help cue my readers into this scandal. The transcript of President Lyndon B. Johnson’s discussions was included. His discussions revealed that he knew the attacks were false. I clarified the possible motives behind the Gulf of Tonkin and why this attack needed to be faked in order to justify the U.S. invasion of North Vietnam. The drafting of young men was the whole plan since the United States military needed more recruits. I concluded how the United States feels threatened by other countries because of adopting Soviet Views. They knew if any nation which partakes in Communism would be promised military aid from the Soviets. This generosity exhibited by the Soviets allowed fewer developed nations to tug on their sovereignty and resist colonization.

Chapter 6- Operation Gladio

My readers wouldn’t be surprised if I cited two books as well as a BBC (British Broadcasting Corporation) summary of world broadcasts which inspired the name of this chapter. I used the information when introducing the first parts of the chapter. A copy of the infamous document mentioned throughout these three sources is also provided. I then elaborate on why Operation Gladio was the purest example of state sponsored terrorism due to its connection to the Central Intelligence Agency and Western Secret Services. The use of violence and intimidation to pursue political aims defines terrorism; America’s political aim is the sponsoring of right wing organizations to commit violent acts. Leftist groups would be blamed for these crimes and reasons had to do with preventing Communism from coming to power in Italy. The ideologies of the Soviet Union was not a threat to the security of Western Europe; the removal of Socialist governments was America’s hidden political aim since they did not support US military expansion and the deployment of nuclear missiles in Western Europe.

Chapter 7- Submarine Operations against Sweden

I reviewed a book that illustrates the perfect example of a False Flag Operation. The title of the book is Secret War Against Sweden: US and British Submarine Deception in the 1980’s authored by Ola Tunader. I explained to my readers about how the United States and the British conducted an operation using Submarines of Soviet Origin. The mission behind this operation was to stage a phony encirclement of Sweden by the Soviets. From this review of the book, I tie in how this situation relates to the incidents that occurred from the last chapter concerning Operation Gladio.

America’s Manufactured Antagonist: How Islam became the Enemy of the United States

I provide the unmentioned information and facts that should be acknowledged regarding historical relations between the Middle East and America. These historical antecedotes are the key to understanding why America had to defile and slander the religion Islam. After my viewers look at this part of the book they should realize that the phony threat of Islam was a perfect banner for the US Government to sped fear towards its citizens. Individual ideas and agendas are dominant in Middle Eastern politics and these factors make new emerging political enemies hard to track. Rather than expend their resources to help secret units of the American armed forces conduct clandestine operations; it was easier to spread a false notion of a violent worldwide Islamic conquest to secure America’s role in the Middle East.

Chapter 8: Scapegoat: The Disinformation Campaign against Libya

The history of 1969 bloodless coup is described and how it damaged positive relations between America and Libya. Throughout the years Libya experienced constant blame for any bombing that occurred around the world. I reveal how an ex-CIA agent actually supplied and trained Libyans to make bombs and how it could have been connected to the 1986 West German disco bombing. Just to let my future readers of this chapter know: Muammar Gaddafi was trying to improve the living conditions of Libya and not horde the resources and reserve them for these American and European corporations.

Chapter 9- Pan American Flight 103 Bombing…A False Flag?

This part of the book deals with the mysteries surrounding the bombing of Pan American flight 103 that occurred in Lockerbie Scotland. I gathered recent up to date articles and analyzed the content. Through this information, I do my best to examine and provide a possibility that the suspect Al-Megrahi may have not bombed Pam American Flight 103. I concluded that Al-Megrahi claims of innocence through the proof he alleged to have and the result of an Oil embargo was responsible for Al-Megrahi’s release.

Chapter 10- AMERICA’S FRANKENSTEIN: Systematic molding and framing of Saddam Hussein

Over the 1979 Islamic Revolution, America desperately needed a third party power to destabilize Iran; Iraq under Saddam Hussein was ultimate choice. Americans did not actually like Hussein, they just needed to kill two birds with one stone. They knew a war between Iraq and Iran would delay the economic growth of Iran. Questionable weapons and the scandals were to be used for future propaganda. America deliberately created a powerful enemy only to attack and completely conquer the whole country.

Chapter 11- 1993 Bombing of the World Trade Center

I had to use research databases to find the articles needed to write the section regarding the bombing of the World Trade Center. The contents in these news stories featured enough material disclosing a government cover-up. The FBI informant who infiltrated the Terrorist network makes up a bulk of this chapter due to him being responsible for the most significant part of the bombing and the action he took to avoid conviction. The ending of the chapter goes into some detail as to why Middle Eastern Terrorists were selected for this False Flag operation.

Chapter 12- Oklahoma City Bombing

The last part of the book preceding the conclusion examines each of the clues found in the sources cited indicating the bombing to be staged. The material on will lead readers into understanding that there more than one suspect in the bombing and Timothy McVeigh was just a patsy or front man. Examples would include that the bomb squad found additional bombs according to the leak FEMA(Federal Emergency Management Agency) documents found in the book. Two other documents released through Freedom of Information Act confirm that Timothy McVeigh was being directed by high ranking FBI officials. I tie these facts to prove that law enforcement was infiltrating militias for making them appear dangerous to the public. The whole hidden agenda behind this campaign of propaganda is detailed in the last paragraphs of the book.