Does America Really Create Its Own Enemies?

by the Webmaster

June 11, 2012 1:50 pm

The mainstream news media in America is filled with rhetoric designed to put people in a state of fear. The stories reported are replete with the aftermaths of tragedies and violent deaths which gets the viewer’s attention. Terrorism is the most dominant subject played throughout these news reels. People have develop views and express attitudes that would lead one to prejudge individuals who are of Middle Eastern descent. But what people rarely receive are the stories where Americans are actively cooperating with their current enemies. Americans are always accusing any individual or group in the Middle East of being members of the infamous group Al-Qaeda. What’s puzzling is there are recent cases where Americans have worked with members of Al-Qaeda. Hilary Clinton, former US President Bill Clinton’s wife already admits that Americans backed Al-Qaeda during their resistance against the Soviet Union.

Hillary Clinton Admits the U.S. Government Created al-Qaeda by Foxnews




Al-Qaeda being backed by NATO forces in their uprising against Muammar Gaddafi?

Gaddafi blames Libya’s unrest on al-Qaeda by AlJazeeraEnglish

Massive Genuine Black Flag Al-Qaeda Military Convoy Through Sirte, Libya- March 23rd 2012 by newsxone

Libya Opposition ARE Al Qaeda Says NATO Commander 29/03/11 by thetruemediadotcom

The new currency that was going to be introduced by Muammar Qaddafi was the reason behind the NATO participation in Libyan uprising . In my book False Flag: A History of US Government Sponsored Terrorism and Espionage, the extraction of a nation’s gold was highly emphasized and often determined a country’s financial power. America only entered two international wars at the last minute and helped give Western European leg up in fixing their economic system through the Marshall Plan. They received gold as payments since the paper based currency of European nations became worthless after the first and second World Wars.

Qaddafi’s plan for gold-based currency by RussiaToday

Rickards Says Libya’s Gold Bullion May Never Be Found by Bloomberg

In Libya, many properties belonging to the United States are immediately being targeted by Al-Qaeda. A US diplomatic office in Libya was bombed by Al-Qaeda members and similar incidents will be an ongoing pattern throughout the country.

Al-Qaeda is considered by researchers to be an asset of the Central Intelligence Agency. Its reason lie in a needed existence of a bogeyman to secure the roles of the United Nations and NATO (North Atlantic Treaty Organization) forces. The presence of a threat to pro-Western governments in the Middle East and Libya would justify the NATO and US Military intervention whenever an oppositional government is rising to power.

US President Barack Obama even signed an order in the form of presidential directives used to allow covert operations by the CIA. Obama announced that steady pressure will be applied through any means to force Gaddafi out.  According to the article published by Reuters, there seems to be no evidence of America arming Anti-Gaddafi rebels but US and allied airstrikes damaged Gaddafi’s military forces and disrupted his chain of command.

As Hilary Clinton stated, Al-Qaeda are really the Mujihadeen guerrillas of Afghanistan. Al-Qaeda will always exist until America and NATO finally contains and rids all of the Middle East of future anti-Western dissidents. The controlling of certain resources that generate enormous wealth are more important than the lives of domestic and foreign civilians. Knowing that these wars would strengthen the economy and finally stop the recession.


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