Hate Crimes Committed by Cops on and off Duty

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January 15, 2015 9:55am


In the United States police brutality where African Americans and other non-white ethnic groups is a hot topic in the media. This back-and-forth rhetoric of how members of the police force harbor feelings that some find racist is the first thing that is mentioned by those who suffered beatings and shootings. The accusations of cops being bigots is derived from some officials not only making racial slurs but being exposed as active members and supporters of the Ku-Klux-Klan. Some of these cops were fired and others kept their jobs. This report is a collection of news stories from Television and electronic copies of newspaper articles I gathered from the database Newsbank. It is broken down into law officials making making racial epithets, connections to the Ku-Klux-Klan and other hate groups.

There were articles I cited that either mention law enforcement officials either making bigoted remarks or claiming to have affiliations with white power groups I narrowed the contents down to titles such as:  Cover-Ups and Why Law Enforcement Joining Hate Groups is Dangerous is because those particular  newspaper articles exposed how some police departments will have this “blue wall of silence,” and since officers have access to databases and directories that provide restricted information many hate groups could use that to their advantage.  The Good O’ Boy Roundup is a revelation that proves that not only law enforcement but government agencies having a history of engaging in insidious acts relating to their bigoted ideology.  The Klan is at it again but only they are exploiting the leniency and power of public servants.

Cops Making Ethnic Slurs:

Please watch the videos I am not making a transcript for these news stories and footage.


Latino Kill in Pennsylvania: Police Chief Found GUILTY Covering Up Murder of Luis Ramirez




Shenandoah Pa. Police Federally Charged With Cover Up In Mexican Beating Death




Racist Cop at River Market in Little Rock, AR






Boston Cop Apologizes For Calling Gates “Jungle Monkey”



Upstate Police Chief Resigns After Using The ‘N-Word’



Video Released Showing Police Chief Admitting To Using ‘N’ Word Against Black Man



Q-13 Footage of Seattle Police Beating a Latino Man



BART officer says “Bitch Ass Nigger” moments before other officer shoots Oscar Grant


NYPD COP :  “I fried another NIGGER”



Cop In Florida Arrested For Giving Traffic Tickets To Anyone Who Is Not White For No Reason!




Sandra Reeves, a former supervisor for the Harris County Jail said that the black deputies looked like a bunch of monkeys sitting on the bench. The three day suspension with no pay for using unprofessional and insulting languages was in the wake of a separate incident where a black inmate died in the Harris County jail during an altercation with a guard.  Those who belong to the Afro-American Sheriff’s Deputy League, an independent union of the Police force have maintained that the department is still a hostile environment for black employees and inmates despite all law enforcement officials required diversity and sensitivity training which they undergo every two years as part of Texas’s certification process.

Her exact qoute; Reeves said, “It doesn’t look good when the sheriff and chief look out from their office windows and see you monkeys sitting there smoking like there’s nothing to do.”

RODRIGUES, JANETTE. “Sheriff’s officer punished for remark Black deputy says he was insulted when he, 3 others called `monkeys’.” Houston Chronicle 18 Jan. 2001, 3 STAR, A: 17 MetFront. NewsBank. Web. 14 Apr. 2014.

In the summer of 2009, the Philadelphia police department was sued by a group of African American officers over a privately operated message board. Domelights.com, the online forum was filled with commentary which appeared disparaging to the black police officers. The comments made by the police who are members of the forum reflects on this perpetual hostility that whites have towards blacks.

“In urban areas, it seems [African-Americans] living on welfare in paid for housing is ingrained in their culture as well as fighting. … Kids, along with adults can’t speak proper English or spell at a 3rd grade level, but they can sing among “theyselves” the lyrics to a rap song.”

“Every time African-Americans do or say something in our city, we get this backlash of cops who think they’re anonymous on this Web site — just racist, nasty, hurtful things about what we do,” said Rochelle Bilal, the president of the Guardian Civic League and a 23-year veteran of the force.

Note Philadelphia Police: Racist Offensive rants on Web site www.domelights.com go to internet archive



“Welfare was not to be a free ride from generation to generation, yet it happens. Better to spend that “Good gub’ment” money on Cadillac Escalades sitting a project parking lot, or wearing $300 Nikes, but not spend money on hooked on phonics, or going to that library in every neighborhood. George Washington had it much, much worse after slavery than anyone in the projects could imagine, yet educated himself, became a Dr., and found over 300 uses for the peanut. Yet young blacks look up to those who contributed much more to black society, like Tupac, Fiddy, and the local neighborhood dealer or pimp.”

“blacks and other minorities frequently don’t have the economic resources that white people have. Consequently, blacks may not be able to keep their vehicles inspected, registered, and roadworthy. Poor minorities are also forced to drive older cars that are more prone to breakdown– further drawing the attention of the police.”

“By the way, these azzholes [sic] who hate white America so much. “Every city has an airport f*ckhead. Go back to the motherland if you hate it here so much.” You will not be missed.”

“Where I work is an area where black people own 700″ plasma TVs, drive Caddilac, Escalades, never seem to go to work, and have every Nintendo Wii game there is, but their kids sleep 4 to a bed in a house infested with livestock that looks like it hasn’t been cleaned in years.”


All of the other comments made by police officers that complained of blacks committing crime and scamming the welfare system, if that’s the case then how come they are not being reported for fraud? America’s police force in general knows that the National Guard will back them up when they are losing a standoff which is why the police are not only comfortable with their mouths but also shooting random blacks and other minorities even if they are off duty cops. The cop made references to black children spelling at a 3rd grade level meanwhile one of their police brethren spelled Cadillac incorrectly. The black officers that sued that Philadelphia police department must understand that a lot of these hate groups will join the police force to attack and oppress non-white ethnic groups since they won’t face any reprisals.

The CNN news story about Domelights

The aftermath of Hurricane Katrina has left the disaster with not only misplaced families and broken homes but allegations of African Americans being singled out to the point where people including the police randomly discharged their firearms at people. Leonard Bartholomew IV deeply remembers the incident he had with the New Orleans cops as he was detained at the Danziger Bridge and lead first at that bridge and later a makeshift police station. He was taken in along with two other men he never encountered and sent to the city’s temporary lockup at the Greyhound bus station in downtown New Orleans.

Bartholomew IV, who was 14 at the time lost his parents, sister and cousin after being shot at. He is the only one who is left unscathed whereas his other family members suffered serious injuries. The mother is missing an arm due to  gunfire and a bullet entered the father’s head. His sister received four gunshots and the cousin was shot multiple times with bullets hitting the abdomen, the arm, the jaw and the hand. Bartholomew’s cousin’s 17 year old friend, James Brissette died on the bridge from his wounds.

Bartholomew IV left stranded with most of his family at a hospital on the West Bank of Jefferson Parish while empty of money, shoes, and a phone. He was able to refuge because a chubby guy named Johnson lead him to an area where he could aboard a bus and in that location.  Bartholomew was handed a pair of shoes by someone from a military. Carla, a woman who was driving people out of New Orleans took Bartholomew to Baton Rouge where she let him rest for a week and a half while posting his story on the internet. An uncle from Texas found the written story on the internet and came to pick him up.

The story got out and a court hearing exposed that members of the New Orleans Police Department who shot at Bartholomew’s family were not only guilty of civil rights violations but tried to cover up the incident. One of the officers who blasted Bartholomew and members of his family remembered his former partners saying  “I was trying to shoot that little nigger,” after he asked “what the fuck are you doing?” The four NOPD officers chased and eventually caught up to Bartholomew and a beating followed up with one of them kicking and striking Bartholomew as another officer placed handcuffs on him. These NOPD officers chased Bartholomew and another alleged suspect because they were being fired at by another group of men whom one of the officers identified the actual accomplices as bunched in a football huddle. They were reacting to an officer who was shot while present on the Danziger Bridge.

and Brendan McCarthy Staff writers, Laura Maggi. “Danziger witness tells of narrow escape – Teen says cops fired at him, then punched and kicked him.” Times-Picayune, The (New Orleans, LA) 6 Jul. 2011, NATIONAL: A 01. NewsBank. Web. 14 Jan. 2015.

In February 3, 1999 Police Officers in Las Vegas who were off duty have made racial slurs and broke a 12 year old’s arm while arresting him. What caught the attention that lead to a warranted  FBI preliminary investigation is that the officers who detained them called them “niggers” and used another ethnic slur; all of it occurred when Parris ‘Pookie’ Young Jr., the year 12 year old and his friends were waiting for the school bus. Pooke and his friend Alex Solomon, 12, awaiting the school bus at Mojave Road and Charleston Boulevard children were not the only witnesses.   Pookie heard one of the cops yell “You niggers get your asses out of the street,”


Schoenmann, Joe. “FBI looks into police conduct.” Las Vegas Review-Journal (NV) 19 Feb. 1999, FINAL EDITION. NewsBank. Web. 14 Jan. 2015.


A New Jersey State Trooper revealed that racial profiling is apart of their standard training. His testimonies are backed up by a 1996 court case in Gloucester County, a state judge confirmed they were targeting minority motorists. The evidence was two training videos that are filmed to teach troopers about “The Jamaican Posse,” or Jamaican organized crime by showing images of a black man with a braided hairstyle known as dreadlocks in a mugshot followed by a second image of the same man dressed in nice clothes; training state patrol officers the ways gang members blend in was its whole purpose.

The second video, entitled ‘Operation Pipeline,” taught viewers how to turn a traffic stop and it shows troopers from New Mexico State Police stopping Hispanics.  The Bellaran case was another discrimination suit filed by another New Jersey state trooper over witnessing a flier headlined ”The Running Nigger Target,” posted on the bulletin board inside the Holmdel police station. It illustrates bushy, Afro-type hairdo and large, oversized lips character in a stride.

RUDERMAN, WENDY. “Courts’ paper trail leads to 1 idea: Profiling’s real.” Times, The (Trenton, NJ) 11 Mar. 1999, News: A1. NewsBank. Web. 14 Jan. 2015.

During the 1990s, New Jersey state troopers have been making using excuses for pulling over black motorists. On April 1994, a Black women heading south on the Turnpike toward Philadelphia experienced a carload of four troopers lowing the window and using a bullhorn to shout, “That’s why your kind will never be president!” according to her testimony. NJ state troopers have blatantly called drivers “niggers” during traffic stops. One man, “It’s niggers like you who mess up this country,” and forced him to put his cellular telephone on the road and run over it with his car. One white man claimed a trooper asked him, ”What are you riding with a nigger for?” during a 1996 traffic stop on the Garden State Parkway. ”Don’t you know that can get you killed?”

The obvious profiling has even compelled white cops to let black motorists go without ticketing them. On June 1995, a Philadelphia woman driving home on Interstate 295 ”I said to my sister, ‘Watch, they’re going to pull me over,’ ” she wrote. ”Within two minutes, their car is behind us and the sirens go on.”The woman said she told the trooper, ”You stopped me because you saw black people in a BMW. In 1995, black people do own luxury cars.”

Both of them left after a warning by the officer.

Another black woman  pulled over on Route 80 east recalled a similar incident:

”I bet you he is going to stop us because we are black to see if we have drugs,” the woman recalled telling her boyfriend.

”Do you know why you were stopped?” the trooper asked the woman.

”Because I’m black,” she replied.

”And I guess I’m a white cop,” the trooper said.

”I suppose so,” the woman said. They, too, were let go without a ticket, even though the trooper told them they were doing 70 mph in a 55 mph zone.

”I have no problems with an officer stopping me for legitimate reasons, but when I am stopped because of stereotypes that white police officers have about blacks, I am truly offended,” she said.

“Drivers allege bias in police stops for years.” Times, The (Trenton, NJ) 29 Nov. 2000, News: A18. NewsBank. Web. 1 Oct. 2012.

A supervisor at Auburn University in Montgomery, Alabama told “violent racist stories” on the job and gave his co-worker a CD (compact disc) containing music promoting white supremacy and violence against blacks.  One of the songs on the CD contained the line: “Oh, we don’t want n—— in our school, we’re not for integration.”  Ed Chandler tried to recruit officer Mark Pierce and the CD of racists made Pierce file a complaint to AUM Police Chief Jay Gardner. No action was taken against Chandler so he reported the encounter with the federal Equal Employment Opportunity Commission and that forced AUM to take appropriate and decisive disciplinary action.

Press, The Associated. “AUM fires cop supervisor for alleged racist behavior.” Huntsville Times, The (AL) 22 Feb. 2002, 1: B 5. NewsBank. Web. 14 Jan. 2015.

On Thursday May 10, 2012 several New Orleans Police Officers some in plainsclothes and dozens of NOPD officers inside the bar, including a large contingent from the Special Operations Division, the highly trained technical unit that has been at the center of many of the NOPD’s recent misconduct cases. The grand jury probe follows a long federal investigation into a 2008 Mardi Gras night brawl at the Beachcorner lounge in Mid-City that pitted more than 30 off-duty cops against four off-duty Regional Transit Authority workers.

It all started when one RTA worker got into an argument when a NOPD sergeant cut in front of him in line to use the urinal and that RTA worker uttered, “Are you getting cocky?” and the sergeant replied, “Are you getting cocky with me?” The RTA worker immediately left the restroom after and words were exchanged between him and that sergeant. He met up with the rest of the co-workers telling them that it was time to leave the bar as the situation escalated. As they were leaving, an unidentified white man allegedly told them: “You niggers picked the wrong bar,” The four didn’t know the group of white men who followed them were police officers and just outside the door, one of the RTA co-workers felt the taste of blood as someone’s fist landed onto the side of his face from behind.

All RTA colleagues reported someone yell, “Take them out!” as four or five members of the group of police officers chased them and The RTA worker who was the first to encounter these officers at the restroom raced to his car and told them that he had a weapon and would use it if he had to. That’s is when three random people, two random white men and a white woman who reached inside the victim’s car and grabbed a .380 blue-steel handgun. That woman who is alleged to be a police officer attempted to physically restrain him and he broke free fleeing up the street to the nearest phone to call 911.

The other three RTA employees were encircled by the rest of the large pack with one of the RTA employees who helped the assaulted victim up being placed in handcuffs. The whole crowd made a false statement that a gun was pulled on them but it turned out to be a pager. After being booked for illegally carrying a weapon and possession of a firearm in a bar, that same .380 bluesteel special was classified as evidence, but it belonged to the RTA worker who dialed 911. A civilian bar patron who claimed to have witnessed the confrontation falsely accused that same RTA worker who was arrested for flashing a gun while exiting a bar until his story changed once question by NOPD’s internal investigation staff and granting him immunity from prosecution for his actual confessions.

What may have prompted investigators to protect the civilian witness is that he received calls from unknown unknown people that wanted to speak and meet with him. The truthful account on behalf of that patron proved that it was more like a beating instead of a fight and it contradicted a resisting arrest report written by the female officer and male cop that was culpable in crafting false statements.  They were persuading a civilian bar patron to participate in a cover-up by making a false police report.

Lawyers, although a valuable ally during court trials, they tend to be notorious for being scapegoat artists as the attorney for the police officer who was fired for striking one of the four RTA workers made it seem like the braces that the assault victim wore would have sliced the defendant’s knuckles, that claim only awarded the attacker a dismissal from the lawsuit and subsequently termination from the NOPD. The officer who started the argument in the bathroom received a two-day suspension. The officers who got fired weren’t linked to the actual fight or falsification of arrest.  The federal investigation had been delayed while agents marshaled resources for more high-profile police abuse investigations that resulted in death or serious injury, including the Danziger Bridge, Henry Glover and Raymond Robair cases.

writer, Brendan McCarthy Staff. “Feds investigate cops’ fight with RTA workers – Allegations include racial slurs, planted gun, beating, cover-up.” Times-Picayune, The (New Orleans, LA) 11 May 2012, NATIONAL: A 01. NewsBank. Web. 14 Jan. 2015.



Ku-Klux-Klan Links:

The officer, Scott Schweizer, who has arrested countless drug suspects in predominantly African-American neighborhoods, was removed from his undercover police duties and given a desk job earlier this month, after narcotics cops came across a shocking picture: A cartoon of a man, half as an officer in uniform and half as a Klansman with the words: “Blue By Day — White By Night.” Schweizer could face administrative action ranging from a written reprimand to dismissal. Roosevelt Poplar, a vice president of the Fraternal Order of Police, Lodge 5, in Philadelphia, said he was aware of the investigation but did not know its scope. Schweizer, 33, joined the force in June 1997 and makes $54,794 a year, city payroll records show. He became part of the elite Narcotics Strike Force about six years ago. Supervisors within the Narcotics Strike Force treated Schweizer’s locker as a crime scene, testing the paper and inside door for fingerprints. Schweizer told investigators that he had been framed and that someone must have planted the derogatory cartoon in his locker, according to police sources familiar with the investigation. Initially, the investigation was supervised by Chief Inspector William Blackburn of the Narcotics Bureau. Yesterday, however, the case intensified and was handed over to Deputy Commissioner Richard Ross, who oversees the Internal Affairs Bureau, authorities said.


Ruderman, Wendy. “Cop probed over racist poster: Cartoon found in locker of Narcotics Squad member.” Philadelphia Daily News, The (PA) 29 Jan. 2008: Newspaper Source. Web. 1 Oct. 2012.


Cole Thornton is a leader of the Imperial Wizard of the United Northern and Southern Knights of the Ku Klux Klan already who not only admitted that active duty law enforcement belong to his group but the police appreciate that the cops are supported by the KKK. Their memberships are now kept secret, but local Klan chapters in the past were well-represented by law enforcement. Former Orange County, FL Sheriff David Star, who serbed from 1949 to 1971 was apart the KKK according to sworn statements to the FBI. William Dunnaway, a former Apopka police chief and other powerful county and city officials who ran local government agencies decades ago also were members.


Carswell Air Force Base has had members of the Ku-Klux-Klan working as their security police; their membership doesn’t violate military rules unless if guards broke civilian laws while engaging in Klan activities.

Wire Services, Mercury News. “6 BASE COPS ALLEGED TO HAVE LINKS TO KKK.” San Jose Mercury News (CA) 15 Feb. 1990, Stock Final, Front: 9A. NewsBank. Web. 14 Jan. 2015.

Stuart Florida’s local newspapers reported on Master Deputy Rick Stuhr who worked for St. Lucie County Florida and build a website that was posted in the “favorite links” section of the police department’s website. What concerned those who worked with Stuhr is that he posted messages that promoted websites of the Ku-Klux-Klan and other racists groups, and called for blacks and Jews to be “eliminated” by a “brotherhood” of law enforcement officers. When the Fort Pierce Police Chief Eugene Savage, who is African American had the link: http://www.geocities.com/horsefeathers229 removed and once comments were brought to the media’s attention, Stuhr’s guest book that contained the derogatory remark was empty. Stuhr was asked about the offensive commented posted and he said that he was not connected to the postings and has spent time figuring out to erase the message until his solution was to erase any content on the guestbook.

His website featured more than just bigoted messages and comments. There was a page that had the image of the St. Lucie County Sheriff’s Office badge and listed links to web sites such as “Hubba Hunks” and “For Cowboys Only,” offering images of scantily-clad men and women. What was alluring about Stuhr’s website is a tribute to motorcycle Deputy Steve Roberts, who died in March 1999 from injuries after being struck by a motorist in Fort Pierce, FL. Officials tried to find out who made these posting but they couldn’t which made them think of a policy where people who are making personal web sites should share the proper information that can identify the person who made the website.


European Americans who worked as state troopers have faced retaliations for blowing the whistle on racial profiling; they also felt cheated by a system that they allege is rife with nepotism. Fourteen African-American New Jersey state troopers have filed a lawsuit on early February 2001 because there was a pattern of abuse that went on from 1998 up until the year 2000.

This is what the 14 troopers endured:

Their cars vandalized to fliers extolling the Ku-Klux-Klan and portraying a black trooper as a monkey.

A female trooper held hostage in the State Police Marine Bureau inside a squad room for seven hours by a sergeant who weepingly apologized for mistreating her and then threatened to shoot himself, her and others; he retired.

A trooper that was assigned to the communications office had promotions denied because the lieutenant in charge only reserved them for fellow members of his secret Masonic brotherhood.

Many hazing incidents were also a common occurrence. Legal battles that troops filed against the State Police were a challenge because the former Superintendent tried to weed out false claims.

DONOHUE, BRIAN. “Troopers breaking ‘code of silence’ – More filing suits alleging racial, gender, job bias.” Star-Ledger, The (Newark, NJ) 27 Feb. 2001, FINAL, NEW JERSEY: 23. NewsBank. Web. 14 Jan. 2015.

Many Police Union’s are protected by the 1st Amendment of the US constitution and sometimes lawsuits filed against cops have been thrown out of court. A US District Court Judge Janet Hall granted a permanent injunction to a Connecticut based Police Union that prohibits the city from denying the union’s president’s right to freedom of expression under the First Amendment. The union released a tape recording where Voccola used a derogatory term to describe blacks. Voccola was forced to publicly apologize and a letter of reprimand was put into his permanent file and had to undergo sensitivity training. The Union President Michael Lewis filed for an injunction in a Bridgeport federal court after receiving a letter of reprimand followed with a five day suspension. The Union’s website portrayed Voccola as a friend of the Ku-Klux-Klan and union members have placed his picture in the department’s urinals.


Pelton, Joanne M.. “Judge blasts Shelton top cop.” New Haven Register (CT) 3 Jan. 2001, Main News: a1. NewsBank. Web. 14 Jan. 2015.


Those statements made by those Philadelphia police officers are a Testament proving that it doesn’t matter if a black person does not engage in criminal behavior he will be seen by those who join positions of authority as an enemy to society. The Cape Cod Times (Hyannis, MA) published a story on March, 30, 2006 about KKK recruit at the Barnstable, Massachusetts airport and at the time the facility was the only department managed by an African American. The bathroom of the Barnstable airport had a flier that read, ”Become a TRUE New England Patriot, join the Klan !” The poster ”put an end” to the trampling of ”our heritage, rights, and future” and a request to write to an e-mail address with the handle ”whtknt_1488,” or to a California post office box and the flier finished with ”This is the time for action!’ ‘

There have been similar posters found in two airport bathrooms and a person belonging the the US Coast Guard was responsible for leaving these fliers. The situation was considered a hate crime and the Coast Guard Petty Officer Chad Blair who has been discovered to be the person of interest attended anger management classes on the day he was confronted. It turned out that he has not broken the law but he could still face “non-judicial” punishment for his behavior and military law and punishment is way more than the civilian version of law.

GERSHON, ERIC. “Coast Guard probes Ku Klux Klan recruitment.” Cape Cod Times (Hyannis, MA) 30 Mar. 2006. NewsBank. Web. 14 Jan. 2015.


If it wasn’t for a Klansman who bragged about his associations with the Aryan Brotherhood then he would have still been employed as a correctional guard for a Texas prison. Because of him mentioning that he has friends in the notorious prison gang prison investigators decided to research his background. What they found out was he appeared in national magazines openly as a Klansman and has a rap sheet with the Ohio police. The man, the leader of the Knights of the White Kamellia  has been arrested as a teenager for menacing someone with a handgun and for plastering posters to a tree that demanded: “Deport Niggers.”

In an April 2000 magazine interview he has even pasted stickers on James Byrd’s gravestone in Jasper: “A Ku Klux Klansman Was Here.” He received his training in 2001 and the background checks which included a search of state criminal history files with the Department of Public Safety.  His previous history of being in police custody didn’t show up in the database. He was fired four days later after an interview with the internal affairs investigator which detailed his rise to power in the Klan where at the age 15 him and his friend “started a little group called NWO (New White Order).” Ohio state police added more information about him.

Ward, Mike. “Klan leader trained as prison guard.” Austin American-Statesman (TX) 23 Apr. 2006, Final, News: A08. NewsBank. Web. 14 Jan. 2015.


The October 25, 2007 issue of the Jersey Journal has a story about a Jersey City, NJ Police lieutenant that made his colleagues feel he was an “unabashed white supremacist.” Lieutenant Andriani has ordered minority cops on special assignments that were unrelated to policing tasks that included having cops go to his Verona home to build an outdoor deck and clean out his garage. Andriani has emailed several messages to Kenner Councilwoman Michele Branigan and one of the messages ridiculed the prosecution of the Jena 6 with three lines of text that each started with an oversized uppercase “K”- a reference to the Ku Klux Klan. He also called white women who date black men “pigs” and has repeatedly used not only used the n-word near a black couple at a dinner with a local councilwoman but has cut holes in a napkin and placed it on his head as a makeshift Ku-Klux-Klan hood. All of these accusations filed in a lawsuit that lead to an internal investigation. The officers who pressed charges had complained about Andriani’s behavior but he threatened to put a bullet in the head of anyone who tries to fuck with him. Andriani said he was untouchable because of his close relationship with the Police Chief.


HACK, CHARLES. “‘PLANTATION’ COP’S RACIST REIGN: SUIT – Minority cops claim Hoboken lieutenant used racial slurs.” Jersey Journal, The (Jersey City, NJ) 25 Oct. 2007, First edition or full run; Bayonne: A5. NewsBank. Web. 14 Jan. 2015.


Court records proved that Hagerstown Pennsylvania first black city-council member received a death threat from a former Baltimore police officer. The suspect Jeffrey Shifler worked for the Boonsboro Police Department and called Hagerstown school officials and threatened to use his gun to shoot black students.  Shifler left an anonymous voice message at the home of Hagerstown City Council Alesia Parson-McBean, claiming to represent the Ku Klux Klan and threatening to burn her house. He had sent her racially charged letters in 2004 on the letterhead of the Hagerstown Police Department, where he worked at the time. He was charged with interfering with public-school attendance and interfering with housing in connection with the threat against the students and Parson-McBean.

Press, Associated. “Ex-cop admits making threats.” Philadelphia Daily News (PA) 9 Aug. 2006, 4STAR, NATIONAL: 24. NewsBank. Web. 14 Jan. 2015.

REPORTER, SUN. “Ex-officer admits guilt in threats – In plea, former Hagerstown policeman says he targeted schools, black leaders.” Sun, The (Baltimore, MD) 9 Aug. 2006, FINAL, LOCAL: 5B. NewsBank. Web. 14 Jan. 2015.


There are precincts that do not hire employees who are members or affiliates of these separatist organizations. The Williamson County Sheriff’s Office had a history of firing two officers when they tried to recruit another employee to join the Ku-Klux-Klan. The men admitted to being KKK members and a disciplinary review board voted to fire them. The Williamson County does not tolerate any ideals that are apart of the KKK.

Enterprise, The. “KKK membership gets officers fired.” Beaumont Enterprise, The (TX) 21 Jun. 2001, A-Section: A13. NewsBank. Web. 14 Jan. 2015.


I am pretty sure there are many cops who have non-white family members but that didn’t stop them from joining the Ku-Klux-Klan. There is a case reported in October 9, 2006 in the Omaha World Herald, a newspaper out of Nebraska that published a story about a state trooper who was fired once his membership with a KKK affiliated group became public. The man’s family spoke out in shock since they never saw any racist behavior from him and that his family includes Hispanic and black members. Robert E. Henderson, the state trooper who joined that group is part Cherokee Indian posted on the Knights Party Web site that: “whites are loosing there (sic) rights slowly” and asked to get in touch with other Klansmen and women in the Omaha area.

His background is replete with associating with people of different racial groups. His seventh-grade teacher is African American and that man served as his mentor and is almost regarded as a father figure. Henderson made scheduled continued trips to Kansas City to spend time with the teacher until his death. Henderson’s two sisters married Hispanic women and that his sisters have black grandchildren. The investigator who questioned Henderson found out that he joined the Knights Party: which calls itself the oldest, largest and most active Klan organization in America: because his wife had left him for a Hispanic man.  Henderson has openly uttered to a fellow trooper about his wife leaving him for a Hispanic man, but there wasn’t derogatory insults made about his ex-wife’s new lover or Hispanics in general.

Kuiper, Jason. “Family says fired trooper has history of tolerance.” Omaha World-Herald (NE) 9 Oct. 2006, Iowa;Midlands, News: 01A. NewsBank. Web. 14 Jan. 2015.


Law Enforcement officials belonging to extremist groups are having a hard time maintaining their jobs over departments banning subversive or terrorist organizations. A Sheriff Deputy shared information while working on an FBI investigation about a Alachua (ah-LAH-chu-AH) County Sheriff Detention Officer Wayne Kerschner who defended the KKK as a faith-based organization. Kerschner told investigators that he blogged on a KKK  Web site, attended a rally in Tennessee and paid dues to the United Northern and Southern Knights of the Ku- Klux-Klan; Kerschner’s wife is also a member. Kerschner subsequently got terminated after revealing to investigators that he is in the KKK.

“Fla. jail fires officer for being KKK member.” Arizona Daily Sun, The (Flagstaff, AZ) 31 Dec. 2009, National. NewsBank. Web. 14 Jan. 2015.



In larger metropolitan cities if reports of police misconduct reach the mayor there is a chance that the internal affairs unit will launch investigations.  A crackdown into police police brutality has never occurred in the history of Cleveland until the summer of 1999.  Former Mayor Michael R. White has strained relationships with members of the Cuyahoga police department. It all began after a June 24, 1999 where masks officers participating in a drug and liquor raid at the Ronny B’s nightclub were caught on film by a television crew slamming the bottom of their shotgun onto a patron’s head.  Charges they  faced is:  felonious assault for striking the man twice in the head, obstruction justice, misdemeanor dereliction of duty in failing to report what happened, they were also two sergeants also received disciplinary actions for not enforcing uniform regulations over wearing masks. What further caused a rift between White and the rest of the police force was him requesting a federal investigation into allegations of racist graffiti and paraphernalia in private police quarters.




Black correctional officers who worked at the Harris county jail were accused of a raping a prisoner’s girlfriend in a restroom during visitation sessions. No suspect was identified until a few weeks later, based on the woman’s vague description- she claimed that a black man in a dark uniform wearing a silver star was the perpetrator. All the black employees had their photos taken for the woman to identify which person raped her. When the 16 black officers made comparisons to the suspect’s description it turns out the only thing that was identical was their race, gender, and job. The investigation was halted because it wasn’t the department’s standard procedure to round up suspects on vague descriptions. The officers believed that racism was a motivation for them being selected as days before the rape at the Harris County Jail where there were incidents that would make one feel strongly that they were targeted because of their ethnicity.

A white sergeant left books containing racist and sexist jokes, “The Official Red-Neck Joke Book” and “Truly Tasteless Joke Book II,” and was suspended without pay. There was also a cassette tape filled with music lyrics about “the land of cotton,” there are references to “niggers” and “jigaboos,” and lyrics changed to “they killed black power in Alabam . . . stay away, stay away, you don’t belong in Dixie.” The second song on the tape is a derogatory dirge based on the Lord’s Prayer about blacks with “burred heads,” welfare checks and federal housing projects.  There was also a note placed inside the locker of an African American female deputy at the San Jacinto Street jail that made insulting references to her race and gender. The note was written by the league, a type of independent union and after an examination by the Department of Public Safety, the department received sensitivity training classes since no suspect was identified.

RODRIGUES, JANETTE. “Black officers say racism lingering at county’s jails.” Houston Chronicle 1 Feb. 2000, 3 STAR, A: 1. NewsBank. Web. 14 Jan. 2015.


Six months later at the same county jail a supervisor was fired for previously not only calling black inmates niggers but telling them that he was “down with the KKK” and “a member of the Klan since he was 25.” He told one inmate who was 1 out of 17  involved in a disruption in the fourth-floor cell block that kicking niggers asses is why he joined the Sheriff’s Department and the mother of that inmate who testified was afraid that they were going to kill her son.

During the investigation that went down with that supervisor there was no contact with any Houston-based KKK chapters to verify the supervisor’s membership and that blowing up hot air is why he expressed such disparaging remarks. When dealing with inmates, officers will have a vocabulary that isn’t in discretion with those they interact with outside their jobs.  The vice president of the League has testified that literature, letters and pamphlets were passed around by employees in the department but that still wasn’t enough prove that racism lurks in the Harris County Jail.

RODRIGUES, JANETTE. “Jailer fired over using racial – slur, threat to inmates.” Houston Chronicle 4 Aug. 2000, 3 STAR, A: 1. NewsBank. Web. 14 Jan. 2015.


Situations involving sexual harassment amongst police officers seem to be taken way more seriously than race-based incidents. A woman who was a member of the Port of Seattle reported on a male sergeant bothering her and internal investigator’s probed into the man’s office computer and made a significant discovery. Thirty-two current and former police officers have been exchanging and receiving email messages filled with derogatory comments and smutty pictures.

Other e-mails sent by various officers were equally offensive:

Arabs were referred to as “towel heads” and “sheet heads” in one so-called joke.

A Dave Chappelle parody newscast showed African Americans, after being granted a trillion-dollar settlement for slavery, lining up at liquor stores, fried chicken outlets and watermelon stands.

An Asian woman is shown eating a piece of meat altered to look like female genitalia.

A video features a man who refers to Hispanics working in the U.S., as illegalls,  “animals” and “beaners” and people who are “all about work and having babies.” After he tried to turn them over to immigration officials, he remarks that he was trying to “make sure they don’t overpopulate.”

Numerous other nude and sexually explicit e-mail images, including two very overweight black women wearing only G-string underwear dancing in front of a white man.

There were several emails that contained sexually explicit pictures including some that the accused man felt squemish during when we viewed it.




A female Baltimore police officer already made the mistake of calling another officer a Ku-Klux-Klan member during the middle of an internal investigation into that department’s racial problems. The woman along with 20 others were demoted from being ranked as sergeants because of previous conflicts which prompted internal affairs to review these alleged stories of black officers being subjected to unfair punishment. The woman made that Ku-Klux-Klan remark over getting into an argument with that same male officer over leave time and she had previous problems with several colleagues over her writing an anonymous letter to a former commissioner which quoted a lieutenant warning white officers were targeted for discipline to satisfy complaints about unequal treatment.

STAFF, SUN. “Investigation of racial incidents at police station nearing end.” Sun, The (Baltimore, MD) 24 May 2000, FINAL, LOCAL: 3B. NewsBank. Web. 14 Jan. 2015.


By officers storing KKK regalia at their precincts one would think those are good alibis to use when accusing the local police for racism but it doesn’t always help. African Americans at a south Galveston County had given white officers preferences in overtime, work, training opportunities and promotions and that lead to a group of these black officers filing complaints to the federal Equal Employment Opportunity Commission on April 2000.

What also made officers feel that they were singled out had to do with a 1998 incident which a Ku-Klux Klan-style hood was placed in the office mailbox of one of the officers and that there was no following investigation despite supervisors promising to report it to the FBI as a hate crime. Some Black officers have been unfairly disciplined while white officers go unpunished for breaking rules or even committing crimes such as falsifying documents and making death threats.


MORAN, KEVIN. “Black officers accuse Texas City department of bias – Weekly actions of discrimination are alleged.” Houston Chronicle 22 Apr. 2000, 3 STAR, A: 27 Metfront. NewsBank. Web. 14 Jan. 2015.


Leniency by higher-ups is very common as to why many cases get swept under the rug and a lot of times depending on who you are officers will remove that “Blue Wall of Silence. In early 2000, New Black Muslim Movement leader, Quanell X and several other leaders state Rep. Ron Wilson, Grace Ministries pastor Chris Wright, and members from the National Black United Front and the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People have protested at the Department of Public Safety (DPS) headquarters over a 1988 photo of 6 men dressed as Klansman at a Black Officer’s birthday party. That DPS trooper who had that birthday party had been indicted for arson after setting fire his own truck to collect insurance money. He decided went public with the photo afterwards which lead to his colleagues receiving suspension for the photo and a patrol sergeant had made  racist comments to a Tyler County deputy on the same day the photo was released.

TEACHEY, LISA. “Black leaders call for probe of DPS.” Houston Chronicle 21 Mar. 2000, 3 STAR, A: 19. NewsBank. Web. 14 Jan. 2015.


Why Hate Groups Joining Law Enforcement is Dangerous:

In the Fall of 1985, Kentucky police officer Alex Young has used a computer belonging to the FBI’s National Crime Information Center to obtain information for non-policing purposes. Although he violated federal law and department policy with his personal usage of their computer he wasn’t charged for breaking any laws even though his associates are linked to the firebombing of an African American couple’s home. Supervisors and other officers knew of his membership with the Ku Klux Klan. He founded the Confederate Officers Patriotic Squad, or COPS, a Klan affiliate group in October 1985. The membership of his previous Klan associates consisted of 40 people and more than half the people were police officers.

Campbell, Beth. “MAY HAVE GIVEN FBI DATA TO KLAN, SAYS KY. OFFICER WHO WAS A MEMBER.” Philadelphia Inquirer, The (PA) 20 Nov. 1985, FIRST, NATIONAL: C19. NewsBank. Web. 14 Jan. 2015.


FBI Special Agent Joseph Thompson’s had an informant that infiltrated the Georgia chapter of the National Alliance, the nation’s largest white supremacist organization. What that informant learned is that there are law enforcement officials who are members of National Alliance. The best way to flee or get around law enforcement is to make sure National Alliance members are a part of the police force and Mr. Thompson stated that the capacity of the network is increased by having authorities joining the National Alliance.

“FBI: Law officers involved with supremacists.” Athens Banner-Herald (GA) 13 Mar. 2003, News. NewsBank. Web. 14 Jan. 2015.


Carl Bell, an African American man who was a Clackamas County Sheriff’s deputy had the whole county retaliate against him over his 1999 lawsuit. Bell filed suit over his colleagues and trainers making racial comments about him and other; one of them mentioned the Ku-Klux-Klan and his field training officer’s said that he was “talking like a black person.” The county argued that the sheriff’s department fired Bell because of performance but according to the appellate court they found out that Bell was right and was awarded $1.1 million in damages by the jury of the U.S. District Court.


The Oregonian, EMILY TSAO. “CLACKAMAS COUNTY SETTLES RACIAL SUIT.” Oregonian, The (Portland, OR) 22 Oct. 2003, SUNRISE, SOUTH ZONER SOUTHWEST ZONER: B01. NewsBank. Web. 14 Jan. 2015.


The December 7, 1991 Miami Herald article: Racial Politics, Recession Boost KKK membership, has noted on the KKK’s recruiting pitch of using economic hardships and making comparisons to racial politics.  The KKK often blames the nation’s ethnic minorities for the nation’s hardships and David Duke,  a famous Klan member and former candidate for Louisiana governor have used similar messages to attract people to their cause. Even though people do not agree with the views of the Klan, however there is a deep concern racial and cultural differences, politicians have a history of exploiting simmering sentiments.

HSU Herald Staff Writer, SPENCER S.. “RACIAL POLITICS, RECESSION BOOST KKK MEMBERSHIP.” Miami Herald, The (FL) 7 Dec. 1991, PLM BCH, PLM BCH: 1B. NewsBank. Web. 14 Jan. 2015.


So cops and firemen around the world, the Ku Klux Klan tends to be in full season to start recruiting members during a recession, issues over illegal immigration, or now recently the 9/11 attacks. The people that police officers promise to protect and serve are the ones paying taxes to keep their organization running so it is more economical for KKK members to become involved in law enforcement. Trust me, the stories that the public hear about cops can easily develop a stereotype, both good and bad, because the most exciting news stories tend to always involve police officers who are on-or-off duty either performing some heroic act or becoming apart of some scandal, thereby creating an equal balance between the positive and negative opinions about law enforcement.

People who have had unpleasant experiences with cops would obviously react to police brutality more strongly compared to people who have received major help. You will have cops including bad ones who help people who are in agonizing pain or some type of distress because if they refuse then that could be immediate termination from the force. Cops must understand that people would assume that they are oppressive because of their history as slave catchers America’s Pre-Civil war years but the disproportionate rates of African Americans and other minorities being singled out would make one question:  Is racism really a problem in the Police Department?


Good O’ Boy Roundup:

There are many who feel the Ku-Klux-klan threw their white sheets aside and put on blue, green, black, and tan uniforms with a golden badge with their name scrawled on small letters. There is a good reason why…The Good O’Boy Roundup, a party that consists of BATF (Bureau of Alcohol Tobacco and Firearms),  federal law enforcement,  members of the DOJ (Department of Justice),  Secret Service,  and various officials of both state and federal law enforcement– all engaging in activities that many would feel they’re racially insensitive.  In July 1995, the annual private gathering in southeastern Tennessee was exposed by members of an Alabama militia group and former police officials who’s been to several gatherings as a registered attendee until he was banned for his own racially offensive conduct.

Here’s a list of according to Department of Justice report:

Signs that Read; 

“Niggers .17/pound,” “Nigger Check In Point,”

“No niggers allowed” and “Nigger deposit point.”

‘Nigger check point.’

Poster of a black person with an axe through his head.

T-shirts Sold at the Round up with these Sayings and Illustrations:

“Martin Luther King’s face behind a target, O.J. Simpson in a hangman’s noose and white D.C. police officers with a black man sprawled across the hood of their car under the words ‘Boyz on the Hood.'”

Silhouette of an African-American with “cross-hairs” on it, which he called the “running nigger” T-shirt.

“Pocket nigger” T-shirt with a picture of the Buckwheat character from the Little Rascals television program “coming out of the pocket.”

Racist Cassette Tapes:

“comedy” routines such as “the Flight of NAACP 109” and songs such as “My Wife Ran Off With a Nigger”

A sixties rendition of Martin Luther King flying an airplane attempting to land somewhere in Alabama. The control tower guy was named Johnny Reb. and Martin Luther King also had a navigator. There were conversations between the navigator and Martin Luther King that depicted blacks as being very incompetent.  Johnny Reb was trying to tell him, “You’re over the runway, put it down,” and ultimately made the guy crash and kill them.

Racist Skits:

An officer in fake Ku Klux Klan garb pulled a dildo from his robe and pretended to sodomize another officer, who was in blackface.”

“The Birth of a Race.” While music from the movie “2001: A Space Odyssey” was played, an officer broke open a watermelon and pulled out a black doll.


Effigy of a black doll

Federal Nigger Hunting Licenses:

The Good O’ Boy Roundup was originally intended to improve communication between law enforcement agencies at the federal, state, and local level since they frequently coordinate on investigations but occasional incidents of racist behavior made some uncomfortable. In the 1995 Roundup, two black officers who entered the campground where told to go away by a security guard after being asked by a retired suburban Alabama police officer: “Who let the niggers in?” Some Police officers from Fort Lauderdale at the 1995 roundup left because they were upset that blacks were present, these same men even scrawled “whites only” on one of the toilets and the other had another message that was unreadable due to it being painted over. There was a policy by attendees at the Roundup that cars should be checked for “niggers” which, if it occurred, happened very late at night.

The report made by the Department of Justice concluded that although some situations pertaining to racism did occur however those responsible were kicked out of the gatherings. The only reason why allegations were possible is because it was such a large event that it was hard to survey the behaviors of each attendee. It wasn’t only law enforcement officials who were present but also regular civilians and one of them sold a t-shirt that read: ” NAAWP or National Association of the Advancement of White People.” If my readers go to the DOJs link and read the rest of the report some of them would feel that the DOJ denied or concluded what they noted from those who attended as isolated incidents.

A group of black ATF agents filed lawsuits over discrimination in November 1990 at the federal district court in Washington DC. One director whose visited the Roundup when it first began in 1980 stated in a interview with “Good Morning America” that the event didn’t become racist until 1985.  But the bias was mainly directed towards African Americans because Native Americans and some Filipinos have been to the roundups. There were Hispanics at the 1987 and 1991 roundup but there no racial skits, t-shirts, and comments aimed towards those ethnic groups; only blacks were insulted. The militia member who used to be a Attalla, Alabama police officer sneaked  into the compound from an unguarded area in back of the “Good Ol Boy” sign with a camcorder. Once his footage went public to where national newspapers and some magazines picked up on the scandal that is when ATF agents claimed that this story was aired to dismantle the government agency.

Good O’ Boy Roundup Report Table of Contents U.S. Department of Justice. March 1996.



All of these examples from the oldest to the most recent shouldn’t and doesn’t have to reflect the views of the police as a complete whole. There is going to be some incidents of members of law enforcers making off-color remarks towards anyone who is of a different gender, ethnic group, or religion but that doesn’t actually prove they were affiliated with hate groups. Construction workers are labeled for making vulgar comments about women followed by catcalling noises but does that mean they’re potential rapists? No!

Citing these newspaper articles and embedding the video of TV news reports are just some of the documented instances of cops making racial slurs or even exposed as having ties to the Ku-Klux-Klan and a couple other separatist organizations. The readers of this article but understand that cover-ups will occur which is why evidence has to be leaked to the mayor or the media. If those stories in the newspaper became more national then that would make others feel more suspicious of members who work as police and correctional (jail guards) officers.

So it would make sense that officials will at times have this “blue wall of silence” but once these hate groups catch on and try work their way up to the top ranks then these killings of blacks and other minorities could increase. As for police department who do not condone any racism this should also be a concern as their resources (databases, directories, et cetera) can aid that KKK member who happens to be cop in different crimes including assassination.

The movie, the Spook Who Sat by the Door is a 1969 novel that inspired the initial release of the movie in 1973 is about a black man who pretends to be against the civil rights struggle to gain access to CIA training. This movie must’ve gave whites who are in position of authority awareness in that blacks could engage in penetration to enhance their endeavors regarding the civil rights movement.  Ironically, these white separatist groups have been the real spooks who are not just sitting by the door but are possibly inside the nuclear missile control room.

That exposure of not just police but members in federal law enforcement being revealed as racists even to the point of possessing the same regalia and nostalgic made and sold by different hate groups. So people are justified in having fears towards not just the police but also members of the BATF (Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, and Firearms) and Secret Service. If my readers who find that this article is stirring up racial hatred I am sorry because if Michael Brown or Trayvon Martin were white and Darren Wilson and George Zimmerman were black then I would just be as equally outraged and I’ll explain why.

The authoritative entities of the US Government are constantly rewarded and exonerated for abhorrent behavior. They have a history of meddling into the affairs of other countries and oppressing whom they feel are undesirables of their society. What’s really annoying is that the United States wants to slam other nations for human rights violations meanwhile their military and police are getting away with atrocious acts. The United States is obviously immune because of them making a deal with the United Nations declaring that America’s constitution is superior to an international law that prevents any acts of genocide.

In the 1980’s America has made a deal with the United Nations known as the “Lugar-Helms-Hatch Sovereignty Package.” This contract was added by the United States Senate in 1988 Senate hearing regarding ratification for the “Prevention and Punishment of the Crime of Genocide” law adopted unanimously by the General Assembly of the United Nations in Paris on December 9, 1948.

It is a contract that states:

“That nothing in the Convention requires or authorizes legislation or other action by the United States prohibited by the Constitution of the United States as interpreted by the United States.”


Churchill, Ward. A Little Matter of Genocide: Holocaust and Denial in the Americas, 1492 to the Present. San Francisco: City Lights, 1997. 385-86. Print.


According to the sypnosis of Lawrence J. LeBlanc’s work, The United States and the Genocide Convention the United States shed massive opposition at the convention because the law would be used by blacks and Native Americans to hold the US government accountable for genocide in regards to race relations.

LeBlanc, Lawrence J. Foreword. The United States and the Genocide Convention. Durham: Duke UP, 1991. N. pag. Print.

Now I see why the Ku-Klux-Klan feels comfortable applying for jobs in law enforcement, security, and the military not only they get rigorous training for combat but they know there are some police departments that will tolerate their associations with these hate groups.


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