By the Webmaster/Lee Gregory

October 4, 2012 9:42 am

I am tired of CNN, MSNBC, ABCNEWS, CBSNEWS, and the local news running their mouths about the dangers of Islamic Terrorism. I am beginning to not understand why people in general are so gullible about the false statements regarding Al-Qaeda’s potential to harm America. Let me tell you something Americans! How in the hell can men who are hiding out in caves produce such deadly microorganisms? Seriously Americans have issues with the demonizing of their targeted groups western countries are the one who know genetic engineering and microbiology; that knowledge allows them to modify either existing diseases or create other versions of these microorganisms. If Al-Qaeda were to successfully launch a biological weapon on US soil Americans better notice that their own government may have gave these terrorists a leg up.

Dr. Eric R. Pianka, a top scientist made a speech about the dangers of overpopulation and his horrific messages called for the mass culling of 90% of the population. His comments towards his audience at the Texas Academy of Science on March 2006 that suggested the use of an Ebola-like virus because of its ability to kill human beings faster than AIDS (Acquired Immune Defiency Syndrome). The eerie thing about it is he was standing in front of a slide of human skulls as he welcomed the potential devastation of bird flu and congratulated China’s enforced one child policy, and said “We need to sterilize everybody on the Earth.” Oil Shortages are another justification for desiring a reduction of Earth’s human population. “And the fossil fuels are running out,” he said, “so I think we may have to cut back to two billion, which would be about one-third as many people.”

The authors Alex Jones and Paul Joseph Watson need to understand the real reason why cameramen were ordered to not film Pianka’s presentation. If this speech was broadcasted throughout the world then people would immediately recognize and get the idea that Americans are the monsters. Jones and Watson received an email from Rebecca Calisi, one of Pianka’s followers who is a Biology student at Arlington Utah. The contents: “There is NO DENYING the natural world would be a better place without people – ALL people! Not a selective bunch. Get it straight,”

Calisi wasn’t the only person who feels this way Forrest Mims III, a member of the Texas Academy of Science, chairman of its environmental science section and editor of the Citizen Scientist noted on how people were proud of Pianka’s assertions. Following the question-and-answer session, Mims says “almost every scientist, professor and college student present stood to their feet and vigorously applauded the man who had enthusiastically endorsed the elimination of 90 percent of the human population. Some even cheered and dozens then mobbed the professor at the lectern to extend greetings and ask questions.” Mims also noted that he was disgusted at the audience’s agreement Dr. Pianka that he walked out in protest.

In 2003, University of Texas Medical Branch at Galveston (UTMB) has been secretly researching on making biological weapons agents and they refused to comply with federal biosafety guidelines. Secrecy is the greatest enemy of biological weapons security according to a watchdog group that is urging the US National Institutes of Health (NIH) to suspend its biodefense funding. They do not oppose its studies on biodefense research but the group believes that UTMB’s honestly would reinforce their compliance with the Biological and Toxin Weapons Convention, the international treaty that prohibits development of biological weapons.

That is what scares me about America they consistently warn everyone including their own people to watch out for some bogeyman. The US Government have used this false threat to force their own citizens and others to follow their political agendas meanwhile the very real threat to Americans is in their own backyard. America does not have no foreign bogeyman rather a domestic monster in their closet(s). They openly spend time researching the ingredients to make weapons for germ warfare yet expect everyone to be afraid of men and women in the Middle East. I believe the people of the United States know what their truly up against but the middle class refuses to question their authorities over the risk of losing their selective privileges. The promise of the American dream forces them to comply with the plans that their government has in store for them and the rest of world.

People must understand that Westerners are the first to come up with these technologies to build devastating weapons and the arms race that occurred in the developing world has been successfully halted. Scientists in Wisconsin and the Netherlands already made an air-transmissible version of the H5N1 and each team submitted a document that contained step-by-step instructions for H5N1 into an airborne virus. As the papers were about to be Publicly published, there were obvious concerns that the information was about to fall into the wrong hands. If separate terrorists and rogue states are of their utmost fear then that is not wise to have that kind of information available to the masses. They concluded in their developments that the disease was not contagious when infected humans interacted with healthier subjects but those scientists provided the building blocks for a potential WMD.

Bill Gates, the founder of Microsoft not only advocates reducing the human population through the use of vaccines but also supports abortions as a way to curb human growth. Bill and his wife Melinda Gates repeatedly have said there are too many people on earth and have pledged hundreds of millions of dollars to improve access to contraception in the developing world. The Gates foundation awarded a $100,000 grant to researchers at the University of North Carolina to create an ultrasound that is described as a non-invasive, reversible form of birth control for men; the ultrasound would make a man infertile for up to six months. A lower population would foster economic growth because a continuing growing populace would dry up the resources.

Westerners aren’t concerned about the environment they just fear economic competition just as the United States fears they will loose their status as a superpower. The word “terrorist” is being blown out of proportion as the majority of western domination is based on them having an absolute military advantage not the fact that they are smarter. The spread of deadly pathogens is also a contributing factor to Europeans conquering the whole world yet society remains frightened about these extremists from third world countries obtaining the capabilities to make biological armaments.

Population Control: UK aid funds forced sterilisation of India’s poor

Forced Sterilization : Eugenics in America CNN (March 08, 2012)

CNN: Forced sterilization victims open up

Sterilization victim: I was butchered

Eugenics Victim, Son Fighting for Justice

Victim of state-sponsored sterilization speaks up

Joseph Moshe was a Mossad Agent who specialized in biological warfare he called into a radio show to warn people about a biological weapon that was being made by Baxter international. The disease would be spread through vaccine and would cause a plague upon its release. In 2009, Moshe was arrested by the Los Angeles Police Department (LAPD) over an alleged threat that he was going to bomb the White House. His arrest is a coverup and if an epidemic happens it is the fault of the LAPD and Baxter labs. On February 2009, Baxter accidentally sent a vaccine that contained both Avian bird flu and seasonal bird flu to multiple laboratories worldwide.

This isn’t the first time they made a mistake that could lead to a major outbreak. In the late 1980s Baxter LTD, a branch of Baxter International and Bayer Yakuhin Ltd had agreed to payments for a lawsuit where tainted with HIV were distributed towards Haemophiliac patients. Green Cross Corp, Chemo Sero Therapeutic Research Institute and Nippon Zoki Pharmaceutical Co were the three drug companies were aware of the dangers of untreated imported blood products according to a document from the Japanese Health Ministry’s 1983 AIDS study.

Baxter to work on AIDS settlement in Japan Reuters NewMedia, Inc. – 26 February 1996

These youtube video slideshows prove that the West is going to release a biological weapon in the future.

by youtube user iseekthetruthnow

In November 2009 news reporting were surfacing of a Ukraine Pneumonic Plague Biological Weapons has been reported in the Ukraine 3 years ago and a year before that they were doing exercises to simulate an outbreak in the United States. The cities of Phoenix in Arizona and Chicago, Illinois largest city launched simulated episodes of what could occur during a major spread of Pneumonia. The one in Phoenix was actually done a year before news reports of the spread of Pneumonic plague in the Ukraine and China. A few years before the Pneumonia pandemic, The Canadian military cooperated with riot police, hospitals, and EMO launched a preparation training exercise in Ontario that was based on what occurred in Ukraine and China.

China 3 Months Before Ukraine Pneumonic Plague Outbreak


Pneumonic Plague Training in Chicago


Pneumonic Plague Training In Phoenix AZ 2008

Pneumonic Plague Training in Chicago



Pneumonic Plague / Ebola Pandemic Training 1of 2 In Canada



Pneumomic Plague / Ebola Pandemic Training 2 of 2 In Canada


The United States has tested manufactured biological weapons on its own citizens. On May 9, 1997 the television program, Unsolved Mysteries aired an episode about citizens in Oakville, Washington State in August of 1994 suffering illnesses after experiencing rainfall of a bizarre black gelatinous substance. Not only people contracted a flu-like virus that lasted a few months but several cats and dogs who came in contact with the substance fell ill and died.

They witnessed slow moving military aircraft in the area at the time of its occurrence and although the US Air Force admitted to doing bombing practice runs during that month they claimed to not be aware of any dispersal of that substance. Mike McDowell, a microbiologist at the Washington State Department of Health received a sample of the goo for further analysis and confirmed that it was two bacterial species, one that lives in the human digestive system.

Samples were collected by Dotty Hearn, a local resident who was among those who experienced flu-like substances that also caused difficulty in breathing, extreme vertigo, blurred vision, and nausea sent a frozen sample to AmTest Laboratories, a private research firm. Microbiologist, Tim Davis of AmTest Laboratories believed he saw an Eukaryotic cell; complex, nucleas-containing cells that are present in most living creatures.

Other theories were that it could have been the exploded carcasses of jellyfish as one of their naval bombing runs at sea destroyed a school of jellyfish resulting in their pieces flying in the atmosphere but the distance of parts traveled, lack of rotting aroma, and limited time of fallen pieces added to the skepticism of residents.

Suspected Biological Weapon Test on Small-Town America (bacteria, not virus)


Western countries are more of a danger they wonder why people hate them well this verse in the bible that perfectly fits them:

Zechariah 11:5

“Whose possessors slay them, and hold themselves not guilty: and they that sell them say, Blessed be the LORD; for I am rich: and their own shepherds pity them not.” Hence a group of people who committed atrocities yet still wonder why the next generation of indigenous people who are still alive have such contempt for you.


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