Proof that America is Planning to Contain Any Legitimate Political Change in the Middle East and Africa

by the Webmaster

July 28, 2012 2:42am

As the United States is facing an alleged imminent future economic collapse they also are facing a future war with stronger powers (Iran, Russia, and China). To preserve its military might without expending too much resources they must target third world countries. These states are proxies to surround those three nations and soldiers trained by the US Army are future reinforcements for an offensive assault. The conflicts raging throughout the Middle East will give rise to surge of immigrants from the Middle East and Africa. Arabic is already being acknowledged as an important language as newcomers of refugees from Arabic countries. Elementary Schools in New York City are providing courses that teach its students how to speak Arabic and write its text.

To obtain US Army sponsored scholarship from University of Berkeley in California from you have a likely chance of being elible is that you are proficient in these languages:

Arabic (all Dialects), Chinese-Mandarin, Hausa, Indonesian, Pashto (all Dialects), Persian (all Dialects), Portuguese, Swahili, Russian, and Urdu.

The Origins of these Languages:

Hausa- Northern Nigeria, Niger, Chad, and Sudan.

Arabic- Middle East and North Africa.

Chinese- A future superpower due to their consistent manufacturing and highest population

Indonesia- Indonesia and other parts of Southeast Asia.

Persian- Iran.

Pashto- Afghanistan.

Portuguese- Brazil.

Swahili- East Africa in areas such as Kenya and Tanzania.

Russia- Russia and other countries in the Soviet Union.

Urdu- Afghanistan, Pakistan, Uzbekistan, and other areas located North of India and West of Nepal

These are nations of America’s future enemies needed to contain. The country of Brazil could easy emerge into a superpower or the United States can use the country as a base to infiltrate Venezuela. The Monroe Doctrine is taken so seriously by the

United States that the President of Venezuela, Hugo Chavez could violate the doctrine as he strives to gain independent economic status. The Doctrine by Monroe requires America to prevent any foreign settlement in South America but many revolutions that were proven to have no outside influence were accused of having been the subjects of foreign subversion. Although the only facts America had to stand on are that these countries received economic aid from foreign power; its not like military bases were being built on their territories.

Iran is already aiding the Bolivia that would help their country against drug traffickers by training its police along with the exchange communications equipment.

The cheap land in Africa has become a symbol of investment for many Multinational Corporations. And to counter any legitimate political change in these countries, America and NATO must be able to have people who are fluent in African languages as they face their future emerging enemies.

The website uses some articles to document a covert war in Africa using drones and US trained military personnel of friendly nations. The war is to protect America’s economic interests and target Chinese influence.

Army recruits who graduated from boot camps are becoming involved with training African Union troops. These private foreign soldiers based in Africa are being used for “high-risk” or “high visibility” combat roles and they will cooperate with US forces.

Chinese who do not even live in Africa are building shops in Zambia and only visiting the country to collect the money they made on sales. The Chinese are only conducting honest business in Africa and there have been no reports of them installing military bases on the continent. Foreign companies who are not Western and are outsourcing traditional stores are the real targets of this secret foreign containment of Africa.

I hate to say it but if society brand labels Muslims as Terrorists then that makes a justification to label Christians as Mobsters. America and their NATO (North Atlantic Treaty Organization) allies function in the same way as a mafia; this is what happens when the state and corporations merged together; the government gets their cut through the tax system while they use their armed forces as private mercenaries. It is a good reason to maintain the status of the US military as a volunteer service.

The Chinese are investing in Africa through the development and construction of infrastructure in exchange for their resources.

Chinese investing in China:

The Chinese built a stadium in the African country of Guinea

China built the New African Union building in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia

Nov 1, 2011 China’s Role in Africa; A C-Span video reports on how China’s investments could be detrimental to US-African relations. Please watch the video seriously because the speakers differentiate between economic aid and building infrastructure for future investments. The full recording of the discussion can be found online with the link that is provided.

Dambisa Moyo recognizes how China’s aid towards Africa is actually helping them rise out of poverty. Moyo is an economist who believes that foreign aid to Africa isn’t helping the continent.

Many entrepreneurs from Africa are immigrating to China to expand their markets. Moyo is right about China’s legitimacy in assistance towards Africans.

Africans in China:

AFRICOM (African Commmand) is a US army based unit that is going to conduct operations on the continent competing for the natural resources. AFRICOM was behind the ousting of Libyan dictator Muammar Gaddafi; a future military force to contain both independent development of all African countries. The threat of warlords in Africa is the justification for the American armies to launch vicious assaults against targets who are threatening their interests. While the US military focused on containing Russia and the Middle East; Africa was left wide open to fulfill the endeavors of the Chinese.


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