Scopolamine or “Devil’s Breath” There is a good reason why it is a Dangerous Substance

by the Webmaster

June 05, 2012 2:06 p.m.

It is classified as a drug where its intoxicating properities but subtle but the sign is that a person’s ability to make decisions or judgements is virtually lost. The Borrachero tree contains the plant and a person simply has to smell the flower in order to become intoxicated, it is deadly if you exceed the dose but anyone would do what you tell them. You have no reaction or ability to make cognitive distinctions since their mind couldn’t produce any memories. Scopolamine is also dangerous if it falls in the wrong hands; criminals may use it but also individuals who are members of intelligence agencies of a government could use it to their advantage. Scopolamine can be considered a recipe for bloodless coup d’etats. Agents could drug their targets with Scopolamine and instantly have their subject freely give important information including secret codes. A leader could be tricked into signing certain laws or seceding from their powerful position; that’s scary.

Watch the documentary filmed by Vice


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