Street Gangs: The New Urban Insurgency….Yeah Right

by the Webmaster

June 15, 2012 5:06pm

A report released by the United States Army in 2005 concerns how street gangs may be regarded as a future insurgency. The author has explained how street gangs can pose a challenge to a sovereign state. Their ability to exploit the political instability for their own agendas was noted in parts of the document. What was slightly neglected is how poverty is a main core to political instability due to potentiality of breeding criminals. That is the reason as to why some people become members of different.The thirty- first page already concluded that commercial profit is the main purpose of these criminal gangs and their narco-trafficking allies. The gangs based around the Central American republics are not even interested in taking control of their countries.

Insurgencies are considered a future threat because the underground economy helps generate financial and logistical power. The wealth generated through narcotics trafficking and controlling the price of different commodities can help gangs afford many services to help advance their operations. Their power lies in their untraceable funds since they could allegedly outspend any political jurisdiction. Unlike a government they could avoid any economic sanctions, bribe government officials, afford the most up to date technologies, the potential for their power is endless.

The US Government is very aware of their potentiality but gangs serve as an indirect ally toward US economic interests. By allowing gangs in different parts of Latin America to flourish these bands of criminals are more likely to discourage the legitimate revolutionary changes of their governments. The Monroe Doctrine of 1823 demands a closed hemisphere of many Latin American and Caribbean countries. A street gang that is battling their own government is the best diversion to protect America from these countries succumbing to becoming proxy states for a foreign power.  ( Link to Monroe Doctrine)

If street gangs are such a threat than to why did the US Government allow many members of various street gangs and hate groups join the arm forces? Oh that’s right they are not viewed as political dissidents only career criminals.

Please watch the video:

The documentary made by HBO titled “Bastards of the party” noted the history of Los Angeles gangs of the 1960’s forming a Los Angeles chapter of the Black Panther Party.Mistreatment and Racism forced these gang members to form close knit communities who looked after each other rather than rely on the system for assistance. Once the LAPD realized that gangs were no longer in conflct and adopted political principles forming their own versions of peaceful diplomatic procedures that is when the police decided to cause disruption within each organization. The gang called the Slausson became members of the Black Panther Party whereas the other gangs formed the Us organization. Although the two organizations had their disagreements they did not have any tension until the FBI (Federal Bureau of Investigation) developed its COINTELPRO (Counterintelligence Program) to incite suspicion between the two groups. FBI agents began to produce letters and articles that spread insults and raised hatred between the Black Panther Party and Us Organization. It eventually escalated and two members of the Black Panther Party were murdered.

Following the aftermath of the 4-29-1992 Los Angeles Riots, the Crips and Bloods formed a truce. Unfortunately the truce was broken because a member of the LAPD (Los Angeles Police Department) impounded a gang members car and used it for a drive by shooting targeting an ex-rival gang’s territory before delivering the car to the police station.That is when the gangs resumed their issues and returned to battle.

Bastards of the Party

Gang members who are also active members of the United States Armed forces are already acquiring high powered weapons including artillery shells according to the FBI’s assessment reports on street gangs. Rifles, grenades, firearms, and body armor were noted in the assessment.

With the easy access to military weapons there would sure be hell on the Streets of America as the gangs built up their arsenal. If the LAPD and FBI left both the New Black Panther Party and Us Organization alone then Americans would have never had to worry about a member of a gang obtaining a mortar or even anti-aircraft artillery. That little incident where the police used a gang member’s car to shoot someone caused the truce between the Bloods and Crips to fail. That confirms that Law Enforcements agencies in America create their own enemies.


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