July 25, 2012 1:51am

These are fascinating video clips that contain depictions of Iran in a image that is rarely seen in the Western media; enjoy.

IRAN Documentary Yesterday and Today : Rick Steves

Once Upon A Time In Iran Full Movie

Journey to the End of the Earth: Iran

Iran, Seven Faces of Civilization

Iran, unfinished dream-Full version

Iran: by Globe Trekker featuring Ian Wright

Iran and the Bomb by Journeyman Pictures


Note of Discord – Iran by Journeyman Pictures

How To Find Love In Tehran by youtube user helloirantv

Chain Restaurants in Iran by Presstv Global News

Slide Show created by youtube user; Yeshua Peace

The Real Iran the US Doesnt Want You to See by youtube user; Warrantofficer13

As watching those videos it seems that Iran is an emerging economic power in the Middle East and America must feel intimidated. The Iranians decided to lean more towards the Soviets, and their further advancement has proven the value that the Russians have been as a trading partner  for its development.  I hope the United States doesn’t go to war with the country because obviously they are no longer a third world country.


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