What is to fear about Hijabs?

by the Webmaster

June 30, 2012 6:33 am

I watched this video of a debate and all I have to write is the blogger of “Muslim Matters” leaked out the benefits that Islam shares. She made some excellent points regarding how the Niqab, Burqa, or face veil forces people to acknowledge what is on the inside, not the outside.

The veiled women being interviewed felt Hijabs and Burqas are a feeling of freedom because she does not have to experience people making judgements according to her physical appearance; remember she is fully covered. It is easy to spread Islamophobia because Americans tend to be superficial at times. Even though I do not follow the religion of Islam what she is doing is very smart; Americans judge people in one-to-five seconds and what is really scary is that person whom they are ostracizing could be a doctor who has helped them sometime in their lives. That attitude is why ethnicity and race are such a big deal in Western society. All culture and nations have had their share fair of discrimination, but Americans are way too hardcore when it comes to appearance-based scrutiny.

African Americans are stereotyped for eating fried chicken and watermelon, but what baffles me is that I do not see an Afro on Colonel Sanders; yeah very funny…not!  A lot of people are repulsed by six foot tall African American males who wear hip hop attire as they perceive them to be thugs, but when it’s time to party, now its cool to listen to Gangsta rap and imitate that style of fashion. Oh well just like Elvis being considered the King of Rock and Roll, black musicians came up with the style, but their skin color automatically discredited them. Jimi Hendrix walk up to amplifiers and started jerking the guitar around with his arms to create that distortion effect common in Electric Guitar. That didn’t matter because in America and other utopia based societies are everything. The news is going as far as accusing Iranian Female martial arts students trained in the Art of Ninjutsu of being future assassins. After the fall of the Soviet Union, America decided to look for a new enemy to meddle with and test its strength; Islam became that new enemy.

“Iran Trains Female Ninjas as Potential Assassins Three Thousand Iranian Women Being Trained as Ninja Warriors Say They Will Use Their Martial Arts Skills to Defend the Country If Necessary.” The Telegraph. Telegraph Media Group, 18 Feb. 2012. Web. 30 June 2012.



The adornment of women wearing garments that envelope their face and body while men can dress casually was only been condemned after the September 11th attacks. I do not remember anyone being harassed for wearing fabric that covers their head.  But that didn’t stop an allied force of nations from expressing contempt. Symbolically a veiled women is automatically assumed of suffering oppression and that is scary enough. But to just let people know, the Taureg tribe of Northern Africa are followers of the Islam religion and only the men cover up their faces.

A man wearing a veil is sold as an art piece at this website;


Taureg man teaches you how to twist his turban to where it wraps around the whole face.

But that simple claim of a religion that oppresses women sure earned woman voter’s support in the conquest of the Middle East…what a slick move. But at least as long as the veiled woman is polite, respectful, and carries herself that way, then at least people can easily evolve and start respecting her for who she is and doesn’t have to flash her body parts to snatch a fair shake in society.  The veil is a great countermeasure against software that analyzes facial movement patterns that could tell the difference between sadness, happiness, boredom, interest, and of course disgust and contempt. We would want to unwrap a woman’s to expose the face and distinguished her feelings. Human beings want submissive classes of people to exploit so regardless of how you are treated under any conditions, as long as you are under their forceful control they expect you to always keep a smile on your face.

Grossman, Lisa. “Face-reading Software to Judge the Mood of the Masses.” New Scientist 26 May 2012: 19. New Scientist. Reed Business Information, 28 May 2012. Web. 30 June 2012.



People in a judgmental society often have a bad habit of criticizing others for their mistakes; they take for granted that someday they would make those same mistakes. But in order to appear perfect they would often try to hide their wrong doings. It is done to avoid any scorn or just to maintain a clean enough record that allows them to manipulate others. People who often follow this practice usually have something to hide and perhaps Americans assume that followers of Islam are going to seek vengeance over the low-intensity conflicts that are continuing through the Middle East. Americans use of pilotless aircraft to bomb an alleged sleeper cell or compound even if it could be a family camping outside. It doesn’t matter, they have resources America needed since the 1920s (oil) and to them it is a necessity to keep their economy functioning and it doesn’t matter if we are potentially breeding future enemies through provocation.

Since 2005, more European women have been turning to Islam and since European women do not draw as much attention as Middle Eastern that makes them potentially dangerous. Non-Muslim women could freely convert to Islam. Karin van Nieuwkerk, a woman who studied Dutch converts suggests that Islam offers more space for family and motherhood, plus women aren’t viewed as sex objects.

Ford, Peter. “Why European Women Are Turning to Islam.” Christian Science Monitor. N.p., 27 Dec. 2005. Web. 30 June 2012. <http://www.csmonitor.com/2005/1227/p01s04-woeu.html&gt;.


Just recently Muslim women will no longer be able to cover their faces as they receive Canadian citizenship. Judges complained that it was difficult to take individuals who are citing the oath seriously when their whole body is covered. Something tells me in the future Arabs and other racial groups will start hating white people and for a good reason. Every culture has had their problems with European colonization and subjugation and now it is their turn to experience white supremacy.

Quinn, Ben. “Burqa Wearing Banned in Canada for Those Taking Citizenship Oath; Ban on Face and Full Body Veils during Immigration Ceremony Is ‘matter of Deep Principle’, Says Citizenship Minister.” The Guardian. Guardian News & Media, 12 Dec. 2011. Web. 30 June 2012. <http://www.guardian.co.uk/world/2011/dec/12/burqa-wearing-banned-canada&gt;.


People have more chances of dying in a traffic accident, drowning in a bathtub, or being stung by bees than being killed by terrorists. Whenever westerns and in particular people of European descent loose the freedom to take advantage of others that is when they announce their state of emergencies. The War on Terrorism sounds like it is a war against people who are aware of the hardships and risks of too much authority. People enjoy the perks and benefits because they know those same judges and law enforcement officials will cover up for them.

Beckford, Martin. “Bee Stings Killed as Many in UK as Terrorists, Says Watchdog Bee Stings Kill as Many People in Britain as Terrorist Attacks Do, According to a Report by a Government Watchdog Who Claims the Risk from Extremists Has Fallen “markedly” in Recent Years.”

The Telegraph. Telegraph Media Group, 28 June 2012. Web. 30 June 2012.



I’ve never heard of Islamic Terrorist networks being responsible for the cyber attacks that have been occurring around the world, still that doesn’t stop the media from exaggerating the potential danger of Muslims. These prejudgements will be a challenge to overcome in a society that judges people by their looks and uses their past mistakes to perpetuate more fear. For all Muslims keep your heads up sooner or later the same people who espoused such hate will someday need you.


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