Zombie Attacks; Another Attempt to Exploit a Crisis and Prolong the Drug War

By the Webmaster

June 11, 2012 11:59pm

The grim story of the Causeway Cannibal have caused a sensation not only in Miami but around the United States. The grisly images of a man’s face stripped of its skin horrified many but made some ask themselves questions. Is this recent zombie craze another bizarre case for the public to demand more government protection by means of regulation? An autopsy was done on the suspect and the predictable allegation is his Marijuana use at the time of attack. The most puzzling facts discovered according to the autopsy is that there were no traces of human flesh in his stomach, only a number of undigested pills.  The news agency who made reports about the Causeway Cannibal showed no concerns about the pills found inside the attacker’s stomach.


It seems that Bath Salts, the newest fad to hit the shelves of different stores have been linked to the rash of other incidents where the subject was functioning in a zombie-like state. The Miami man has already been accused of being under the influence of Bath Salts but the recent autopsy didn’t reveal any traces of Bath Salts in his system.


But that didn’t stop the media from linking Bath Salts to various incidents of violent assaults where people have showed characteristics that some say resemble a monster. A homeless man who Miami Police officers detained  displayed aggressive behavior towards them. The Miami police department warned others officers to be cautious around men who appeared to functioning in a disorderly manner. The public was also warned to immediately call the police if they see anyone showing signs of being on a new drug called “Cloud Nine.” The suspect who attacked the cops began yelling obscenities and then shouting to officers, “I am going to eat you!” The 21-year-old man growled and grunted like an animal and attempted to bite an officer’s hand. He was restrained with a bite mask and leg restraints. In addition to Cloud Nine, marijuana, Xanax, and alcohol was also detected in his body.


It appears that Miami cops mostly contributed the recreational drug Cloud Nine to the man acting erratically but they ignored the proven dangers of Xanax.  Xanax Oral’s side effects include hallucinations and thoughts of suicide.


Convenience stores in the state of Indiana are experiencing police raids to seize packages of Bath Salts. Since 2011, arrests have been made on business owners selling the product under the name “Zoom 2.”


Law Enforcement officials in Boston already seized $100,000 of these synthetic versions of drugs at a local convenience store.


A Plaistow, NH Grocery store was also raided as reports of two people overdosing on Bath Salts occurred.


My advice to store owners; get rid of these legal drugs immediately if you want to keep your business.These legal substitutes will justify the warrantless inspections of private mom & pop stores. Even if there is a label warning reading, “not for human consumption” that doesn’t excuse the product from its removal since there were no evaluations from the Food and Drug Administration.


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